A thing me and RadLaddy made in Dreams has been updated to include some cool things. Go check it out if you can!

Was at a wedding yesterday. I mean, I’d do me in a waistcoat.

Hey buddies! I’ve just uploaded a collection of 8-Bit musicy things I’ve been working on in Dreams!

Its official folks! Also graduation tomorrow so wish me and my liver good luck. 👍🏻

So tomorrow I’ll be meeting my class and doing some activities with them. I know it’s going to be fine but still, I am making various bowel movements in my pants.

Just accepted my first teaching job!! The last year has now officially not been a waste of time!

@18BitNathan (PPPS: Yes I know Time Crisis and House of the Dead are fucking awesome too, but PB is my personal favourite.)

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Like if you agree Point Blank is the best light gun arcade game ever. (PS I spent £90 on a PC gun just so I could play this. If you don’t know this game, I proclaim shame.) (PPS. Pictures for reference.)

Fucking hell lads, just finished the last day of my last placement of my Teacher Training. To top it off I got the email confirming the year hasn’t been a total waste. :D

Nayf’s biggest pet peeve: People who say every single goddamn word they are writing as they write it, as they question themselves out load about what they are writing. Surely I can’t be the only one?


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