Pig Detective got nominated for a few Impys 😳

Need someone for a new years eve sing-anlong? Pig Detective and Crew has you covered: youtu.be/E3kVDp9UNSA

Had some people from Sony over to talk about Dreams and Pig Detective ^^

Hi all, we added voice acting to Pig Detective 2 and made everything a bit nicer looking + original soundtrack. If you have Dreams, maybe check it out or watch the credits on Twitter: twitter.com/DetectivePig/statu


Our Christmas Countdown in Dreams! With Pig Detective (of course).

Hey, we made a little adventure game set in the Pig Detective world for the Halloween Jam. If you have Dreams, maybe check it out. πŸ·β€‹πŸŽƒβ€‹

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We had a fun old timey times photo shoot yesterday at our favourite living history museum. I think, I really need a frock coat to wear in my daily life.

We are nearly done moving into the new place. Who would have thought we really need that whole wall...

Here's forty shillings on the drum
For those who volunteer to come,
To 'list and fight the foe today
Over the Hills and far away

We did a short Jane Austen inspired piece for the upcoming Community Jam. If you have Dreams, maybe check it out. Pig Detective is in it 🐷

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As we are waiting to get all the voice acting in for Pig Detective Part 2 (this will take quite some time), we did a little sketch with the lines we already have: youtu.be/8UTTUNV64Cs

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