Looks like we are going back to Cologne next week for Gamescom, because Pig Detective will be there as well :underheart:

Pig Detective 1 has been remastered and is now up on Dreams - nicer looking and with voice acting!

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Time for another TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 12 to make THIS into a beautiful drawing.

I just know you will come up with the most wholesome, peaceful drawings.

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4 New Turbos Some (Rad Dudes)
repost with your @ (What U do)
@AnimatedPeanut Drawings
@NerdinaCan Drawings
@Kazuki Figures
@Sampparts Drawings
@Evanatt Drawings
@RedFoxCorky Drawings
@MrMarc Drawings
@2Heinz Game Maker
@voodoo Music Artist
@nulani Streamer
@StarKitsune Streamer
@Zaziuma Streamer
@hylian17 Streamer
@FistOfFiori Youtuber
@TheMinett Water Guy
@DeathByBlunderbuss Traveler
@grable Cool Mod
@dissy Pig Farmer
@ZombieUnicorn DM
@MissBlow Host of FFSTV
@FarFromSubtle Becky's BF

Come to Gamescom, get some exclusive Pig Detective buttons!

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If any TURBOs are heading to this year, check the r/gamescom Discord Server that I'm running => discord.gg/Mg4amR8
Sadly, I will not be attending gamescom this year though.

@MrChrisMad Saw you on the Pig Detective Score Board today ^^

Looks like we are going to Gamescom this year. Any Turbos attending?

We are currently working on Pig Detective - Remastered. I can feel with George Lucas now ^^

Not sure how to feel about the Picard trailer. I love Patrick Stewart, of course, and I can't deny, bringing back Data and 7 of 9 tingles my nostalgia. But in between is so much JJ looking bullshit and after DIS I can't take another bad Star Trek :/

Pig Detective Fan art number 4. I love it! ❤️ Sheriff Cat is such a dick 😄

Again from CyrilWolff on Deviantart.

I love the fan art for Pig Detective ❤️ Latest edition: Mr. Cromwell.

Maybe it's a little bit too much on the furry-side... ^^ But still amazed, something I've made got someone inspired to draw pictures of it.

Credit: CyrilWolff on Deviantart

Jinbei is just the best cloth for everything! Working in the garden, home office, relaxing in the couch... but I'm not allowed to go on the street with it. My wife says we are not in Japan ^^

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If anyone on here has some challenging levels they've made in Mario Maker 2 shoot them my way!

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