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We had a fun old timey times photo shoot yesterday at our favourite living history museum. I think, I really need a frock coat to wear in my daily life.

We are nearly done moving into the new place. Who would have thought we really need that whole wall...

Here's forty shillings on the drum
For those who volunteer to come,
To 'list and fight the foe today
Over the Hills and far away

We did a short Jane Austen inspired piece for the upcoming Community Jam. If you have Dreams, maybe check it out. Pig Detective is in it 🐷

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As we are waiting to get all the voice acting in for Pig Detective Part 2 (this will take quite some time), we did a little sketch with the lines we already have: youtu.be/8UTTUNV64Cs

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Double Fine gave out a bunch of codes for Knights And Bikes on yesterday's Mm stream; we got one and we are quite enjoying it , especially the coop part. Nice hand drawn graphics, quirky world and characters, good mechanics. Can recommend. 👍​ ⚔️​🎪​🚲​🦆​

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We just skipped our last day at Gamescom and spent the time at/in the hotel pool ^^

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@FarFromSubtle when will you adopt a Japanese cat?

How is it living in a giant glass house in Japanese summer?

Whose your favorite turbo other than me and mellisbaker?

If you and Becky had to pit any two turbos against each other in 1v1 turbo duel who would they be and who would win in your opinion?

Today we had the community meeting with MediaMolecule and it was great. Such nice people! Now it was totally worth going to loud and crowded Gamescom.

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Dreams players in the Toots - let me know if you want to add anything to the Turbo Collection - Radladdy updated it today but if there's any late minute additions I can add them in the next 3.5 hours before the show. You can give your username here or find me at FistOfFiori in Dreams. I'll make one last sweep there at 3pm/3:30pm UK time (11:30pm Japan/7:30am Pacific/10:30am Eastern).

Looks like we are going back to Cologne next week for Gamescom, because Pig Detective will be there as well :underheart:

Pig Detective 1 has been remastered and is now up on Dreams - nicer looking and with voice acting!

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