Made this from the Overwatch stream that happened today

The amount of pure rage and anger on Fraser's face holy shit. Don't remember the last time I've seen him get this mad on show.

Like many other contests, I expect to get my hopes up only to have them fall when I inevitably lose.

Have you ever been craving something but you want it to be fresh? Like, I want some pizza but I want it right out of the oven. Add in some freshly squeezed orange juice ad some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and I would be in heaven.

Me, slowly waiting for the APT archive to be updated because i’m an idiot who forgot there was one last Saturday

One of my friends just got into a car accident. His brother was drunk (friend didn’t know) and hit a car while changing lanes at like 80 mph then they hit a wall. Friend is fine with a possible concussion but holy hell this is not what I was expecting to hear before going to bed.

First time holding my niece in my arms I was terrified that I was gonna drop her, especially when she started moving

My niece was born 2 hours or so ago. Here she is. So adorable

Having all my friends get drunk and enjoy themselves while i’m stuck watching over a bunch of kids and ahhhhhhh i’m so bored. I just wanted to have fun on New Years

Best part about this playthrough is seeing Fraser's reaction to dumb shit that happens in the game

The longer I watch Fraser's Fallout 4 playthrough really makes me wish he played New Vegas. He'd be able to make a fully evil Duck character and not feel like the game is punishing him for it.

Am I just a dumb dumb and missed the stream where Fraser and Becky gave their thoughts on Rise of Skywalker or has it just not happened yet?

"Oh man, Fraser's playthrough of Fallout 4 has been going on for a while. I wonder how many more episodes I have to go through."

>100 more


You know that new thing on Twitter where you can “like” topics and you’ll see tweets about it? I just got a tweet spoiling the Star Wars movie because Twitter is run by brain dead monkeys.

Just looking to see what people I follow have tweeted and this happened. Didn’t even seek out spoilers or hashtags related to the movie, just opened the twitter app and it’s the first shit I see.Fucks sake

Watching Fraser’s Fallout 4 playthrough and seeing so many not completed quests in his quest list is giving me such a visceral feeling of rage, uncomfortableness, and annoyance that I think i’ve discovered a brand new emotion. I have no idea how he could have so many quests and not let it bother him, truly his willpower is far above my own.

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