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Hey buds! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our Turbo Card Exchange!

Damn, either I blocked out all of my trauma from memory, or I've had quite the benign childhood compared to you guys

Rewatching Trials and Tribulation Awesome! and my headcanon is that Gumshoe helps Pearl learn how to read.

Not strictly Halloweeny, but look at these old Dark Souls Buddies.

maybe faux would have been a better term 🤔​

Last years Halloween TURBO Buddy was pseudo - collectable card set

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@nulani thank you Nulani, for everything you do for this community.

I'll share this as well cause I think it's a pretty neat bts-ish image. Shows all the tiny voxels used to make it.

My first Halloween TURBO Buddy project was the scene in Ghostbusters where Gozer shows up

the top are colorized based off the official Toriyama art and the bottom are colorized based off the in game sprites.

Even though I'm disappointed that these Dragon Quest re-releases for Switch are the gross mobile ports, today is a good day to show these NEVER BEFORE SEEN Dragon Quest buddies.

Today I got to play Link's Awakening And D&D. Oh, and I cooked chicken parmesan risotto for the party and it was excellent.

Today was a good day and I'll be capping it off with more Link's Awakening.

I went very minimal on the amount of buddies to avoid burn out. Maybe I'll make ome extras later, but in the mean time have a bonus Kass Buddy

And on the eve of release day we finally have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I can always move back in with my parents, but then what? It seems like everything I try doesn't work out. I just wish I could go back home(originally from New Jersey) but I just don't have the means to.

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