An on going gag me and a co-worker had was talking about going to the Powerline concert that was happening next week. We drove our boss crazy cause he had no idea who Powerline was, and our reaction was always, "How do you NOT know Powerline?!"
Good times...

When DLC seems more interesting than the base game

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@Alimus This is amazing! These are so cute! Thank you! Some of these are going on my laptop!

Hey Buddies, I just wanted to let anyone who may not have twitter or may not follow me on there know that I opened up Character Commissions over on my art account.

So if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Also RT's and all that are greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately due to my sister's job we won't be having our traditional Thanksgiving dinner tonight, but I'll be sure to post pics of the amazing Thanksgiving spread we'll be having when we have it.

Happy Thanksgiving my TURBO family! I'm thankful for you all and this great community centered around the amazing show @FarFromSubtle and @MissBlow have crafted. 🦃​🦃​🦃​

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Hey buds! Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to sign up for our Turbo Card Exchange!

Damn, either I blocked out all of my trauma from memory, or I've had quite the benign childhood compared to you guys

Rewatching Trials and Tribulation Awesome! and my headcanon is that Gumshoe helps Pearl learn how to read.

Not strictly Halloweeny, but look at these old Dark Souls Buddies.

maybe faux would have been a better term 🤔​

Last years Halloween TURBO Buddy was pseudo - collectable card set

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@nulani thank you Nulani, for everything you do for this community.

I'll share this as well cause I think it's a pretty neat bts-ish image. Shows all the tiny voxels used to make it.

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