So, anybody else play/played Age of Calamity?

Been meaning to get around to posting this. Got my holiday card from @Kreezen, who left a lovely note inside.
Happy Holidays buddy!

The best thing about Sephiroth being in Smash is that I don't have to make another TURBO Buddy for my Smash Buddies project.

Well after a few technical difficulties, I finally got this Worms Rumble Buddy finished!

Finding it difficult to enjoy Crash 4.

I don't know how many people here are familiar with my project of turning Mega Man robot masters into Adventure Time style princesses, but I finally got around to MM7

Or you can spend a spiked up price for a single card from a random vendor, but at least you'll be getting you want.

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This tweet is directly referencing the Godzilla Magic the Gathering cards that you can either keep spending $25 for a single pack hoping to get the monster you want. Or $100+ boxes to get one random Godzilla card.

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I don't get why big companies create an environment where 3rd party price gouging can thrive?
Do they honestly believe people will give endless amount of money to them to get a product virtually unobtainable?

i'll be mostly inactive during this time though

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Opening up my gate for my birthday. Come visit, though there ain't much to do.
Vandalize the notification e board and help yourself to a party favor (present+popper) (dont be greedy. One per guest.)
Dodo: MG8X7

I don't have Animal Crossing, but I coulkd always use friends.
Friend Code: SW-6651-8008-9221

Made a set of tokens for my family's Dungeons & Dragons game.

It was fun being in the chat for the Animal Crossing direct show. The game looks fun and I'm seriously on the fence about getting it. Also, I know I said I had no interest in AC, but I did collect the first wave of the Amiibo cards. Kinda forgot about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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