I don't know how many people here are familiar with my project of turning Mega Man robot masters into Adventure Time style princesses, but I finally got around to MM7

Or you can spend a spiked up price for a single card from a random vendor, but at least you'll be getting you want.

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This tweet is directly referencing the Godzilla Magic the Gathering cards that you can either keep spending $25 for a single pack hoping to get the monster you want. Or $100+ boxes to get one random Godzilla card.

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I don't get why big companies create an environment where 3rd party price gouging can thrive?
Do they honestly believe people will give endless amount of money to them to get a product virtually unobtainable?

i'll be mostly inactive during this time though

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Opening up my gate for my birthday. Come visit, though there ain't much to do.
Vandalize the notification e board and help yourself to a party favor (present+popper) (dont be greedy. One per guest.)
Dodo: MG8X7

I don't have Animal Crossing, but I coulkd always use friends.
Friend Code: SW-6651-8008-9221

Made a set of tokens for my family's Dungeons & Dragons game.

It was fun being in the chat for the Animal Crossing direct show. The game looks fun and I'm seriously on the fence about getting it. Also, I know I said I had no interest in AC, but I did collect the first wave of the Amiibo cards. Kinda forgot about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

An on going gag me and a co-worker had was talking about going to the Powerline concert that was happening next week. We drove our boss crazy cause he had no idea who Powerline was, and our reaction was always, "How do you NOT know Powerline?!"
Good times...

When DLC seems more interesting than the base game

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@Alimus This is amazing! These are so cute! Thank you! Some of these are going on my laptop!

Hey Buddies, I just wanted to let anyone who may not have twitter or may not follow me on there know that I opened up Character Commissions over on my art account.
Link: twitter.com/PizzaPizzaArt/stat

So if anyone is interested, just let me know.

Also RT's and all that are greatly appreciated!

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