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Just to see where all the turbos are at right now....

Finally finished my thing, pretty proud. I present the Doom-Cycle!

my poutine attempt. god i spent so much paper towels on those fries.

Doing more work on my Doomcycle project. Now some subframe!

celebrating diet milestones with as much spaghetti i can asthetically fit on a plate

selling all my furniture before I move to the bay. Just sold my chair so I'll be sitting on this cheap metal stool while gaming for a good week. Pain.

Benefits of moving from Detroit to the Bay Area? your new employer thinks your old place was soooooooo shitty that they give you amazing bonus for moving!

Apartment hunting in silicon valley is an exciting way to pick a death sentance, with a view.

Resignation notice sent. the most grown up thing i've done so far, no turning back now

About to pen my first resignation letter. The fact that my current employer has been bit of a dick and that I got a job offer from their competition makes this quite the exciting writing assignment. I'll try to keep the snark to a minimum.

Side note, I remember Fraser raging when Forza brought on another car to E3 (which I agree with, why bother) and mentioned how it had nothing to do with gaming. Funny enough Gran Turismo Sport on the other hand has a lineup of cars that were specifically commissioned for the game by real brands, with these two by Volkswagen and Nissan as examples. Wheels that only a can drive

Guys. I think I might really like cars.

This is my collection of 1/43 scale concept cars including the one i made myself.

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Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it

tried playing tennis after 7 years. I have contracted Fraser's pussy wrists. It hurts.

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