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Just to see where all the turbos are at right now....

Side note, I remember Fraser raging when Forza brought on another car to E3 (which I agree with, why bother) and mentioned how it had nothing to do with gaming. Funny enough Gran Turismo Sport on the other hand has a lineup of cars that were specifically commissioned for the game by real brands, with these two by Volkswagen and Nissan as examples. Wheels that only a can drive

Guys. I think I might really like cars.

This is my collection of 1/43 scale concept cars including the one i made myself.

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Put together a Google sheet for Turbo PSN IDs, Switch codes, Steam names, etc for ease of access! Add your pro gamer names if you feel like it

tried playing tennis after 7 years. I have contracted Fraser's pussy wrists. It hurts.

welp boo that interview didnt come through. moving on to the next shot i guess

omgomgomgomgomg just got my phone interview. employer sounded impressed. This is starting to look like a real thing. Not telling parents yet so they dont hype me up more to jinx it. But if this works out I might end up in Sweden by July. Screaming is happening

welp resume submitted. now whatever happens, happens.

Got a DM on instagram that might lead to me submitting my portfolio to my dream job that might get me hired and might turn my life upside down in the best way. Gonna spend the next 24hrs redoing my whole website. both jacked as shit and nervous as... shit.

Best part of working out of home is my squirrel friend who I've been feeding through my window everyday. Tonight he swung by again. Looks a little different at night.

Decided to delete my third way done Pokemon Shield savedata and gonna try to ACTUALLY play the game and, say it with me kids, gonna catch'em all. This would be my first time 'completeing' a pokemon game.

Random thought. I miss PSP's and the UMD disks. That's all.

Hi turbos, as you all know Rudds unfortunately passed yesterday. And as a community we should try to show our love and support during these hard times. @cutepiku elected to make a group card, so please add any thoughtful messages/pictures of Rudds through the following link.

9 inches of snow expected tonight. Lit.

Found my originial AP art portfolio. My topic was the seven sins and a bunch of religious allegory. I've never sat in a church. What the fuck young me. (but I still got a 5 so fair enough)

A summary of the steps i took to make it, including sanding, sanding, sanding, priming, sanding, painting, masking, painting, clearcoating.......

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