Day 14 - Overgrown
Since getting a switch I have consistently been playing Breath of the Wild and I still haven’t beat it! So much world to explore and lore to unravel!
Here is an overgrown guardian!

‪Go Pikachu! How could I get the prompt Ash in relation to video games and not draw Ash Ketchum? (I almost drew Kratos for this prompt which in retrospect I should have because I could use this same drawing for the later prompt)‬

‪Day 12 - Dragon ‬
‪Neo Bahamut summon from FInal Fantasy VII‬

‪This one was hard for me because I had such a higher expectation for it but I am so friggin exhausted today this was all that was mustered! Some days are gunna be more 🔥 than others! ‬

Day 11 - Snow
When I tried planning out the video games to the prompts and I got to snow I was like “Oooh a Solid Snake moment with all the snow happening at Shadow Moses!” Aaaaand then I didn’t have much time and this is what came out. Not totally thrilled but still pushing through!

‪Day 10 - Pattern. My favourite 2player game to play in grade school, high school and college 😂 Tetris Attack! Featuring Yoshi and a few other rando characters.‬

Gehrman, the First Hunter from Bloodborne. A frail old man sitting in a wheelchair for the whole game up until the very end x.x
Day 8 Frail

@nulani thank you Nulani, for everything you do for this community.

Super Mario RPG might just be my absolute favourite game of all time so of course had to dedicate a prompt to it. Here is the enchanted Geno!

What a husky bloated boy. Bloater Clicker from The Last of Us. So excited for the sequel!!

A super simple one for today. A ruler? Perspective? Never heard of them.

‪This year for inktober I’m following the official prompt list + combining it with video games. Seeing the prompt ‘ring’ only conjured images from Shadow of Mordor, so here is Celebrimbor with a poorly rendered ring 🙃 ‬

You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about.
Also kinda weird for the store to be selling the knockoff and actual product they knocked off for the same price.

38 days. 38 DAYS TILL HALLOWEEN! 🎃

Once I was drawing this guy I was reminded of Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters XD. A cousin maybe?

catch-up continue w dog chef following dog chef dreams living best dog chef life


Low carb cinnamon rolls. So hard to get a bread texture but these were so good. 🥰 I love baking

Baked some low carb chocolate chip zucchini bread this morning 😍

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