‪Learning Procreate and still trying to find a workflow that works for me. So many brushes to play with and modify 😳 hoping to get into some actual *painterly* like painting soon. ‬

Happy New Year friends! It was a struggle just staying up till midnight last night but doodled this out cuddled up in bed. It’s an OC that I don’t completely remember what she looks like that I haven’t drawn since 2012? Where did this decade go??

Happy New Year (and a belated Christmas!) to the lovely Turbo community! This ‘Holiday’ has been a complete daze to me working 2 retail jobs. I’ve gotten 7 days off the past 2 months so I am tired and looking forward to not working so much in 2020! 😴 enjoy pictures of my boy, Bagheera. Much love buds!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. (Bagheera loves his hat!)

‪Omg. Coming home from work with a card from Japan waiting for me. Thank you so much @MissBlow and @FarFromSubtle ! What a positively sweet card and the turbo buddy emblem! ❤️🖤❤️ Merry Christmas lovely dudes! ‬

Omg @Y2kraykray sent this amazing card and picture and little gift to me! I love it so much and your message is so sweet. Thank you!

Day 31 - Ripe

We made it - the final Inktober. Donkey Kong with some ripe bananas. The further along into the month we got, the less time I had and the weaker I feel the illustrations got. I’m happy to have gotten through the month but next year I am going to reevaluate how I approach Inktober.

‪Day 30 - Catch! ‬

‪Enjoy this weird little villager catching bugs! I have never played an Animal Crossing game >.< ‬

Day 29 - Injured

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1 was so gutting >.<

Clem and Lee worked so well together. Lee’s death scene was so hard for me!

Day 28 - Ride

This was supposed to be Arthur Morgan but I don’t think I took enough time to actually capture his likeness 🙃 so it’s a cowboy on a horse (based on my roommates horse - Sunny!)

Day 27 - Coat

Almost didn’t make today but with a push from a friend I squeaked this out. Definitely think this series deserves some dedicated fan art from me in the future but for now - enjoy this Bloodborne sketch!

Day 26 - Dark

Would you believe that I was going to do another Zelda drawing for today’s prompt? Oh you would? Well at the last minute I remembered Amnesia: The Dark Descent and what a crime it would be to not dedicate a drawing to such a horror classic for a spookums Inktober drawing!

Day 25 - Tasty
Overcooked is such a great game. Even if I get too aggressive and competitive :)

‪Day 24 - Dizzy‬

‪Ignoring the scale of Prince here, you’d be pretty dizzy if you got spun up in Katamari as well. ‬

‪Day 23 - Ancient‬

‪I was going to do a Shadow of the Colossus drawing, had it sketched out and ready to ink... and then hated it and decided to do a super scribble Last Guardian drawing instead. So voila. ‬

Day 22 - Ghost!
Why just pick one franchise when there are so many iconic ghosts?

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