EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT. WE ARE GOING LIVE SOON. A miscommunication means we have to get this show in the can sooner than later. Which means NOW! Show starts soonish with “Heave Ho” sponsored by Devolver Digital!

Turbos interested in the D&D!
I am the "official" artist of the turbo d&d game! And we all appreciate the support and sorry if we can't have everyone join in. Here is some of the art I've done for the stream and be sure to watch are adventures on stream. Who knows you may be placed in with these colorful cast of characters.

Look at this talent!

Thanks for contributing @awwbree @NerdinaCan @dissy @Sindian @Y2kraykray @MrBlow @mellisbaker @DumplingzOwO!

@Sindian Want to make our next scribble for us to base our art on? I'll promote early next week!

Figured I’d share my little crochet slime here too. I post my crochet to a different Instagram moniker UnravelingSkull.
Modified from free pattern found on ravelry.
Slime Amigurumi by Marte Fagervik

I haven’t posted or been active recently cause it’s just been a weird/rough month for me. I’ve still been following along with the Turbo community and shows though and they both make me feel better knowing there is such a good community here. 💜💜💜 much love Turbos!

Made another bit of art in preparation for the AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli.

Cannot wait for AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli films...

This’ll date me. Anyone remember having these chip cards to play Pokémon Snap at Blockbuster? XD I’m too much of a packrat

Haven't been very inspired lately but this guy came from somewhere.

“You were my easiest hello and my hardest goodbye”. I often think of this quote when someone’s pet passes away. Today, my lovely baby girl passed naturally by my side. She was 17. She was a chicken fiend, frequent blepper and constant derp. Rest In Peace Isis. 💜🖤

I scrapped my first version to make a bigger vessel :P still haven’t finished playing Hollow Knight but I am in love.

It’s my birthday! 31 today and while I have not been feeling very well, I played with my new birthday makeup anyways.

‪I drew this little guy last week and only got around to scanning him in this morning. My bf has named him Orin :p ‬

Cozy Sunday morning/afternoon. Crocheting + live show! Yay AMD sponsor!

My roommate has had a horse for over a year and today she finally convinced me to go for a pony ride. His name is Sunny! ☀️

Played with some makeup. Actually did it while watching Fraser play Overwatch earlier today.

It is a friends bday today so if it’s your birthday too (or even if it’s not) enjoy this picture of his naked cat I drew him.

So much Zelda hype, I’ll just toot away on my Ocarina of Time.

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