For the past few days I’ve been making an illustration each day counting down to Halloween. No idea if I’ll be able to keep it up but they are fun.

MerMay! Dunno if I’ll follow the prompts everyday... had a few ideas of concepts I wanted to work on.

She’s been burned into my retinas and now must be burned into yours.

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Ok Turbos - this is circulating all over everywhere for artists. Any of you want to put in some requests for me?

I generally just lurk unless I’m dropping art but I do hope everyone is taking care of themselves and each other during this very stressful time for so many people. Much love turbo community!

‪Late to the game (as per usual). Are people still doing pics? Well... ‬
‪I also just really liked that the painting in the background made it look like I had horns :p‬

‪Learning Procreate and still trying to find a workflow that works for me. So many brushes to play with and modify 😳 hoping to get into some actual *painterly* like painting soon. ‬

Happy New Year friends! It was a struggle just staying up till midnight last night but doodled this out cuddled up in bed. It’s an OC that I don’t completely remember what she looks like that I haven’t drawn since 2012? Where did this decade go??

Happy New Year (and a belated Christmas!) to the lovely Turbo community! This ‘Holiday’ has been a complete daze to me working 2 retail jobs. I’ve gotten 7 days off the past 2 months so I am tired and looking forward to not working so much in 2020! 😴 enjoy pictures of my boy, Bagheera. Much love buds!

‪Omg. Coming home from work with a card from Japan waiting for me. Thank you so much @MissBlow and @FarFromSubtle ! What a positively sweet card and the turbo buddy emblem! ❤️🖤❤️ Merry Christmas lovely dudes! ‬

Omg @Y2kraykray sent this amazing card and picture and little gift to me! I love it so much and your message is so sweet. Thank you!

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