...that negates my behavior and my problems are mine and no one else's so no need for anyone's forgiveness. As a coach I tell my athlete's constantly "I don't accept apologies I accept changed behavior" so I am not really apologizing but rather acknowledge but I am wrong and need to do a much better job. Thanks.

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State of the Bundro:

Hey all, wanted to apologize to everyone for generally being a prick yesterday. With everything going on with my career and things I need to deal with I've been incredibly angry lately. Went in last night to try to de-stress and relax and the opposite happened and my mood took over.

I've been part of the community longer than just about anyone so I need to do a better job, and I'm embarrassed by how I've acted, not just last night but overall. It's not an explanation



Original FF7

My PSN account was locked because a dipshit on overwatch tried to "hack" it by repeatedly logging in under my name

Was waiting eighteen minutes for a match as damage on overwatch to get my ranking...get in...we rush the first point. Other team has someone drop...match cancelled. Was in waiting again another ten min and just quit, screw it. Do they expect people to literally have nothing better to do than wait half an hour to play one damn match?

Still placed in gold for tank to start with, having not played in like ten months I'll take it.

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3 matches and 3 losses where someone on the team rage quit about two minutes in. Glad to see it still has huge issues

Had to go back up to new england to do a few things, got muh Overwatch disc. Let's see if I remember how to do this.

I've successfully made "Funkytown" the tune that plays for my town in animal crossing. Day well done

Got Animal Crossing with the 3ds that I got on ebay. @MissBlow you're the expert, gimmie some tips

Okay ordered a 3DSXL on eBay, came along with 10 games (ocarina, Luigi mansion, Mario 2). Had a regular DS many years ago but never 3DS, but since I like sitting on the couch watching news figured I’d try one. List off some games for me to try, I can prolly get em cheap

Please during this time, show support to law enforcement. 29 members of the NYPD have died to date due to COVID 19. Almost 15% of law enforcement in NYC is out sick. With quarantine and social distancing, imagine what life would be like without law enforcement.

Going through hard mode now on FF7 and enjoying it better than normal mode. You really need to plan ahead with your party, materia and attacks. If/when I beat this please refer to me as the warrior of light.

Finished FF7 remake, about 35 hours exactly. Really liked it, and to not spoil anything and sound slightly overconfident, I understand exactly what the writers and creators are trying to say.

Toot:(Put 8 hours into FF7 so far, may take a break and watch the stream) Toot.

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