You miss 100% of the toots you don't toot.

@FarFromSubtle since you seem interested in biomechanics and stuff sometimes sharing this with you. Bout a min in the exercise physiologist gives the demonstration about how biomechanically high jump is efficient by using a broomstick.

yahcnu? suzzzilata turina cheechinilla pasco le muncha. Le forma consuelano tonacka.
>Translation: Toot

@FarFromSubtle here is a link for the main article used by most regarding whether or not soy can have estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects(go to section 16). I have an NCBI account so if you aren't able to view the whole thing I apologize! Both sides kind of take this study and run with it to back their viewpoint one way or another because it leaves the whole issue kinda ambiguous, saying "well two studies say it increases estrogen...but that was a crazy amount of soy"

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