Hey I read up on your estrogen soy fears @Bundro and that only applies to soy isolate and overprocessed soy products like some of the fake meats and soy bars and stuff. Even then you have to eat a LOT of that for it do have an effect. You can drink as much soy milk and eat as much edemame as you want.

@FarFromSubtle It is a very interesting subject. The main study has come from Harvard which cited that it really depends not only on the gender of the subject but the current hormonal ratio as well. It isn't even just an increase in estrogen of male subjects but actually an anti-estrogenal affect for some women.

@FarFromSubtle For me and my athletes, whey has no studies that show any signs of adverse affects so I would rather they err on the side of caution and go with whey or casein until these studies are complete based on a consensus....Also...Toot.

@FarFromSubtle For me, until there is a definitive answer the motto is "First, do no harm", so if there is any evidence whatsoever that a particular method can possibly hinder performance it is avoided until it is proven to be safe. As of late, there are still studies that show that phytoestrogen can have negative effects on both male and female subjects so I recommend other nutritional programs for now....sorry if this is long winded but it is something I've studied for years!


@FarFromSubtle yes actually. I have currently a few vegan as well as some keto and some that like to go "gluten free" even though they don't have celiac. The main problem I go into is instagram culture. Even for those that aren't limited in their nutritional choices, athletes will see some instagram model recommend something and try to follow it even though an athlete really shouldn't go with certain things.

@Bundro People going gluten free that have no medical need to seriously confuse me. Gluten free versions of typical wheat-based foods are not any healthier and often times just contain a bunch more sugar.

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