Santa came early this year. Played beat saber all night and it’s even more fun that I imagined.

Knives out was so fun. I really enjoyed it. I love that classic detective stories are coming back between this and Murder on the Orient Express.

Really enjoying Fallen order gameplay. Maybe I should play more souls like games

Hey @MissBlow, where can I get the recipe for the famous fudgy bonbons I keep hearing about? I am in the mood for Christmas treats 😋

I always loved Binding of Isaac but I finally got it for switch. It’s still so good and it’s fun to unlock everything from scratch again. Also got Hollow Knight. I have a long plane ride tomorrow and it’s going to be fun.

Another idea: how about South Park’s Woodland Critter Christmas?

I am watching a training video for work. And whoever made the video put pictures of Larry Butz in the slides. I don’t think they know who Butz is and it’s so distracting. All I can think of is that song that Fraser made “Larry Butz. I’m Larry Butz...”

Have we really never watched Muppet Christmas Carol? Couldn’t find it in the archives. 😯

I’m Han Solo and Leia is Chewie (confusing I know). Show me your costumes turbos!

Do you switch owners also get excited when you have a long trip coming because you know you’ll finally have time to play that game you’ve been wanting to play?

I was working from home today and my desk is next to Leia’s bed. So she slept next to me all day (she had a very active day yesterday). Every time I looked at her she was in a different pose so I made this collage

Finally getting to watching Harry Potter apts. And honestly they make me so happy

Forgot that it actually takes place during Halloween. Nice!

Decided to replay Batman Arkham Knight. I feel like the Batman games are very Halloween-y.

Just finished replaying Lats of us. I’m definitely ready for part two now.

Game of thrones just won an Emmy for best drama series 😂

Ok turns out I can see the posts when I go to Patron only posts. Not when I look at the VGA patreon page. So I guess I’m good.

Going to see It Chapter 2 tonight. Watching the It APT first to get hyped 🎈🤡

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