I’m really loving Star Wars squadrons in VR. Thought it would make me dizzy but it’s actually so cool to fly and do barrel rolls in VR.

Also check out some new veggie dishes I made. Classic kimchi soup and miso ramen (also topped with kimchi because kimchi is the best). 😋 toot.turbo.chat/media/SqjPGw8o toot.turbo.chat/media/M9JltviQ

I’m totally watching the Holy Grail APT without the video because I’m too lazy to synch up and I know this movie by heart anyway.

My brother just immigrated to Canada. He’s 3 hours away from me but I can’t visit because the borders are closed. Boo :(

I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of meat I eat for the last few months and eat vegetarian as often as I can. One thing I enjoy a lot about it is finding or coming up with new recipes every week. Sharing pictures of some of the most successful ones: toot.turbo.chat/media/us18fbI1

I spent my entire lunch break playing Fall guys. Perks of working from home 😁

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Normally I buy digital copies of games but I had a Best Buy gift card so I used it to pre order a physical copy of ghost of Tsushima. I was supposed to get it on release day. It’s Monday now and it’s still in transit. Never again :/

Started watching unsolved mysteries on Netflix. Never saw the original. Now I’m scared to go to bed. This shit is scary 😬

Anyone knows any good vegetarian recipe blogs/channels? I’ve been doing at least one meatless day a week for a few months now and I’m running out of ideas and tired of making the same dishes. I need some new recipes so send me your websites if you know any good ones. Thank you turbos :)

I also just noticed this playthrough was 8 years ago! 😱

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Anyone else watching the original Vga Deadly premonition playthrough to prepare for the sequel? toot.turbo.chat/media/wGcxi-bd

It’s cold and rainy outside so I made some Russian soup called Solyanka. It has pickle juice in it! toot.turbo.chat/media/C64CaWyy

I need the Nintendo online subscription to play Animal Crossing don’t I?

Hey guys. This new Twitter @Coolnara1 is indeed me. My old one was connected to my old work still and I felt awkward writing personal stuff in it and also I had issues changing my phone number. So starting over. Follow me and let’s be friends :)

I had the issue where all Apts were locked for me on patreon despite my donations.
Only now I finally figured it out. Worked after I specifically selected APT pledge and changed the donation to what I wanted it to be. Just sharing in case anyone else had that issue before.

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