So with my vacation to San Jose/San Francisco, Northern California and Reno Nevada/Lake Tahoe coming up I'm trying to find a video camera with longer battery life but I'm only looking to spend like $300 max. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. @FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris looking at you guys ;)

@FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris yeah been thinking about getting one of those. I'll probably be ok with my phone for this trip the battery life is really good was only like at 70% when we left the Phillies game last night.

@FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris Damnit Frash you did it again and sold me on this for my trip to California! πŸ˜‚β€‹

Update after looking for deals: Maybe! Going to sleep and think on it during work tomorrow.

@FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris So I thought I was screwed in regards to buying one of these due to the file format being MOV and using Windows Movie Maker until I discovered Codec Packs that let you get around this issue. Going to test this out tonight with another camera that also shoots in MOV and if everything is good to go I'm gonna pick one up after work tomorrow. Thank the nerds who invented codecs πŸ˜‚β€‹

@FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris unless of course Frash sells me on buying some Apple computer/tablet for editing purposes πŸ˜‚β€‹πŸ˜‚β€‹πŸ˜‚β€‹

@DeathByBlunderbuss @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris I don’t know how powerful you computer is but 4K footage is tough to deal with. On the other hand the entry level iPad is about $300 and handles 4K like a dream.

@FarFromSubtle @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris I'm looking at this as a long term camera in the sense that it can do both HD and 4k. With that in mind do you think this is the one to go with for someone like myself who's just using it more for simple travel videos with not much editing going on? Should I wait to see if something better comes along next year or would this be enough till 4K starts to become obsolete? Is there a 8K camera being sold yet? πŸ˜‚β€‹

@DeathByBlunderbuss @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris Like I said, 90% of everything I do is on Osmo now. If the background is very blurry then it is with my Lumix though.

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