You know I'm probably then only one here that was looking forward to Ghost Recon Breakpoint and actually picking it up on release day today but then a couple reviews brought more then your usually micro transaction bullshit to light and now I don't know what to make of it and if I should even bother until later on down the road after it plays out....that's all really.

@DeathByBlunderbuss Not super familiar with the Ghost Recon series, but I'll just say I was nearly turned off from buying Witcher 3 because of a review I saw that said most of the game consisted of "boring fetch-quests"

I bought it anyway and in hindsight, I have no idea where that reviewer got that impression.

@Downes000 Yeah I'm not big on the Witcher games but that's funny to hear given how well they've been received.

@DeathByBlunderbuss Honestly, the announcement of 50,000 different Tom Clancy games last E3 really soured me on the associated games

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