Can I get some love friends day from hell at work today. Plus heavy rain! 😡🤬😡🤬

@AcidSilver thanks I know I can get through it's just I have my limits with how much bullshit I can put up with in a day before it starts coming out because I'm only human I happen to be wired differently mental health wise

@DeathByBlunderbuss doing anything fun later today to counter the shittyness? Here's a meme in case you need something to smile at.

@Trancilian Wow the new Lego set got really dark! 🤣 Hopefully getting some much needed Chinese food from the buffet at Wegman's and a couple slices of Tres Leche Cake!

@DeathByBlunderbuss I have a sandwich baggie filled with blood you can have. Blood comes from the heart, and hearts mean love.

That's how that works right?

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