I've missed a few streams from the gang, lately. That Super Mario Bros 3 run was extremely chill and entertaining; makes me want to see some other classics.

Surprised just how excited I was and am over SpaceX's manned launch today.
Good luck to Bob and Doug to the ISS.

Whoops, went and bought a cage online for the baby canaries now that they're eating on their own and went and got more of a parrot cage. On the plus side, they'll have plenty of space.
(Pic is of the first batch, the parents are already on a second batch of younglings ready to leave their parents cage.)

Oof; I've strayed away from the daylight for so-long I forgot how bad my skin burns without any SPF.

A buddy linked me this video, reminding me of my schoolyears of reading, "Animorphs."

I only played Mafia II, but I thought it was a great (but short) experience. Seeing all three titles are getting remastered; I'm up for completing the series.

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👁️​is there anyway we could petition frash and Becky to watch the original spider man movies with toby?

I'm glad to see Keighley wanting to fill in the upcoming game convention gaps we're getting this year. I've always hopped in on VGAs streams of E3, Tokyo Game Show, GOTYA, etc so I was a bit bummed thinking we won't get sleepy Frash trying to hype himself up at the start of a showing.

I was randomly in the mood to see what the developer of a little Point and Click game called, "Paradigm" years back and he posted this on his twitter this month:

@grable I hear you're the big cheese when it comes to this here Show and Trailer stuff; so I'm here to send you a recent video-game trailer for something that looks cool and gives me some chill "Lisa: The Painful" vibes.

With all the Star Wars talk and me not seeing it Rise of Skywalker; I'm pretty excited for "Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga!" Might be all the nostalgia blinding me, but I remember fondly loving the first one in 2005 when my Grandfather went out to get me a dedicated GPU just to play it on my old PC and eventually 100% it.

I'm glad to see Disco Elysium has been in some of the GOTY categories. Was one of my most enjoyable games to play-through this year. Haven't voted on TGA since... 2016?

I keep looking at the computer I recently built and get this little itch in my brain that goes, 'that would make a pretty aquarium.'

The struggles of wanting to upgrade your PC in a time when AMD and Nvidia are expected to release new stuff.

Seeing those comments in VGAs BotW 2, oof. I'm expecting later-on a cutscene showing coop Dungeons, Frash going, "I knew there would be coop!"
Then the comments for that one, "Of course Nintendo would do coop [insult here.]"

@FarFromSubtle Cmon, you guys'll have to cave in and stream the PC Gaming show, right right? Epic Games exclusives, uuuh maybe Nvidia/AMD shows off a new line of GPU with info that confuses everyone?

Youtube decided to recommend me Devolver Digitals E3 2017 Awesome so I suppose I'll watch it and 2018 again before this years E3.

Been watching the Harry Potter APT and it's been a blast from the past, sadly the, "Order of The Phoenix" is down. I do wonder though, time hoopla aside; 

why couldn't Hermione get a-hold of one of those time watches and prevent Cedrics death, maybe by getting Mad Eye Moody out of that lockbox?

Alright, I guess it types like that if I try to toot something whilst the phone is rotated... okay.

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