Been playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance again two years later now that my PC runs it well and boy is there something really entertaining about the character progression.

Took two weeks off work since I got part of my thyroid removed yesterday and the surgeon told me I shouldn't be doing strenuous activities... Here I thought I'd be tired all day and unable to do anything but I've been up since 6am cleaning.

Man, probably haven't played Minecraft since weather storms were introduced (think like 2009?) Still surprised how much fun I can find myself in-it.

Hmm, always fun to randomly remember a game or movie and find out it's got some new stuff out. As a Nelward fan, his music being in Knuckle Sandwich piqued my interest. But the Earthbound/Lisa vibes & Warioware/Undertale minigames look like a lot of fun.

Sometimes Youtube and its' algorithm surprises me, and today I was reminded of "The Red Green Show." Used to watch this show with my Grandfather a lot when I was a kid and happened to bring it up to him this year.

Gotta remind myself to try and keep off Twitter (at least until after this year.)

After playing Demon's Souls this year I'm kinda excited by this remake. Weirdly enough this Sony showcase with a bit of the remake gameplay reminded me of some of the leaked footage Deep Down got graphically.

I see comments worried about that there Harry Potter being an MMO or being developed by a Studio that only ever did mobile games, but I'm still excited just to be a wizaaaard.

I haven't chewed my nails in two months and they're so nice and long already. It occurs to me I haven't played Dota 2 in that time either... and I'm starting to wonder if they correlate.

Been watching a bunch of Nvidia's new 3000 series, seems like they're winning fan support again now that they're saying the 3070 and 3080 will topple the 2080 TIs performance for cheaper.
See if what they say are true between the end of this month and next month with benchmarks, and I'm already starting to cave-in for new tech if AMD doesn't show off their new stuff.

Finally got into this hip new game, "Beat Saber" (only two years later!) It's pretty good, spent about 1:30hrs for the past four days and I've been testing out custom tracks.
Also went from my gradual 1-3 mile walks these past two months to a full 7 mile loop-around back to my house today since it was so nice and cool this morning.

Such a pretty trailer for Iron Harvest. I've been excited about the concept of a CoH with steam-punkish mechs so hopefully it delivers.

I might have too many canaries now, that one pair are coming up on their 10th child now.

Man, 5 years of watching 'FFSTVs Robin Williams tribute' now. Time flies so suddenly; I still remember going through the phases of thinking it was a hoax, thinking it wouldn't impact me, and then get slightly depressed 2 weeks after his death.

Cool, there was a presentation yesterday for Indie games that emulate the style of the PS1.

I'm a bit of a store management sucker; so I'll be keeping my eyes out for this one. 👁️

If the PS5 doesn't come bundled with those 3D-audio headphones, I wonder how much they'll cost separately 🤔

Cool beans. First time with an Xbox One controller so I went with the CP2077 edition.

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