I'm glad to see Disco Elysium has been in some of the GOTY categories. Was one of my most enjoyable games to play-through this year. Haven't voted on TGA since... 2016?

I keep looking at the computer I recently built and get this little itch in my brain that goes, 'that would make a pretty aquarium.'

The struggles of wanting to upgrade your PC in a time when AMD and Nvidia are expected to release new stuff.

Seeing those comments in VGAs BotW 2, oof. I'm expecting later-on a cutscene showing coop Dungeons, Frash going, "I knew there would be coop!"
Then the comments for that one, "Of course Nintendo would do coop [insult here.]"

@FarFromSubtle Cmon, you guys'll have to cave in and stream the PC Gaming show, right right? Epic Games exclusives, uuuh maybe Nvidia/AMD shows off a new line of GPU with info that confuses everyone?

Youtube decided to recommend me Devolver Digitals E3 2017 Awesome so I suppose I'll watch it and 2018 again before this years E3.

Been watching the Harry Potter APT and it's been a blast from the past, sadly the, "Order of The Phoenix" is down. I do wonder though, time hoopla aside; 

Alright, I guess it types like that if I try to toot something whilst the phone is rotated... okay.

QQ ?phone my on typing whilst happening is this why me tell anyone Can


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