I played a cat video on my TV for my cat and she hated it so much. She started hissing at it even after the video stopped.

Friends, I can't stop thinking about pizza and spending countless hours watching videos and researching ways to make it.

We are LIVE in 50 MINUTES with the official Dreams Launch stream but you can watch fellow TURBO @Freako right now, who is in the slot before us!


Don't look up pictures of Sonic without shoes

I'm a grown man and if anybody were to overhear the baby voices I make to my cat my entire existence would come crashing down.

Is anybody else annoyed that the trophy for the Super Bowl isn’t just a big bowl?

They can call it The Super Bowl.

How is it that "Mamma Mia" is literally just a collection of ABBA's greatest hits but at the same time has nothing to do with any of ABBA's songs?

Shit I’m about to do it. Going to start a new game on this fully understanding just how many hours this is going to take.

CDPR you make your games so good but they take like 100 hours to complete.

Very serious, non-humorous poll. Favorite pizza toppings?

Today I was heartbroken to learn that no, Kilimanjaro does not rise like Olympus above the Serengeti.

Kilimanjaro is over 300 km from Serengeti National Park, and would only be visible from the air fairly high above the savanna.

Great Awesome Piece Theatre(s) everyone! If you missed it, definitely give a watch in the archive

I'm really milking out The Witcher. I'm on episode 6 and I really want to just binge the last 3 episodes but then it would be over so I'm waiting like a week between episodes.

Also I think I need to play The Witcher 3 again

By and large, the online kitchen knife enthusiast community is refreshingly wholesome and good spirited.

I am deep down the rabbit hole now friends

Made a second pie to get a good whole picture.

Pizza Margherita topped with fresh basil and hand grated parmesan

Just popped this baby in the fridge to cold proof for 24 hours. So expect some pizza tomorrow around this time

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