Also Bon Appetit. Amiel Stanek. 32 ways to make a pizza.

It's like they made it just for me

So it turns out “5 Minute Crafts” is not only a completely bs fake craft channel, but it’s also part of a massive media conglomerate that disseminates misleading and often outright false information across like 200 channels.

Watch Contagion if you want to be even more paranoid than you already are.

I made corned beef and drank a Guinness so my yearly duty as an Irish-American has been fulfilled, albeit a day late

I am so annoyed at myself for forgetting about the Monty Python APT. That's totally my jam, and I'm going to watch it as soon as it's posted.

So I just started watching Critical Role for the first time yesterday and boy did the internet magic work quick because I’m starting to get DnD ads.

My college just cancelled all of next week’s classes and is going to transition to only online after spring break because of the pandemic.


Sometimes I just delve into the rabbit hole of Scientology nonsense and I became incredibly angry that people actually go along with it.

It's. So. Stupid

(and also that organization abuses its members and extorts them out of thousands of dollars)

So here I am watching The Chef Show, and Jon Favreau is grilling steak with Wolfgang Puck. All good.

But then Wolfgang suggests adding some rosemary for flavor, still all good, but then... THEN, he just chucks the sprig of rosemary into the charcoal underneath and I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

Getting a pizza stone as a gift was dangerous. Making things with it has taken up so much of my time.

I’m still upset that Spiderman 3 had too much Venom in it because it detracted from how cool Sandman was.

How is it that season 2 of Altered Carbon dropped and I'm just now being aware of it!?

Very exciting.

Brad Leone sharpening knives and Binging with Babish making sourdough bread in the same day? It's like YouTube knows all my favorite things.

I played a cat video on my TV for my cat and she hated it so much. She started hissing at it even after the video stopped.

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