So like I’ve always seen people here posting their super cool interests and hobbies. I am into home mixology so here is a margarita I made yesterday

Enjoy responsibly Turbos

Hey if anyone is looking to find where restocks are happening for consoles, this guy is on top of it:

I think I paid way too much for a PS5 because it was only available as a bundle plus it was from Sam's Club (bulk retailer in the US) and I'm not a member so I got charged extra.

But alas, I have done so and I'm looking forward to it arriving after the nightmare it took to actually find it

For those trying to get a PS5, or Xbox, I strongly suggest following/signing up for alerts: and

I was notified today about Target's batch that came in online only. I was at work so when I got on break I kept trying, it said "Ship it" but it was too late. Thursday is supposedly another date Target is getting more.

Been awhile since I’ve posted, so here’s a picture of my cat, Maya, being an absolute icon in my new house

Shoutout to the awesome Turbo (I didn’t know your Turbo name on here or I would mention you directly) who went above and beyond this year with a really cool holiday card surprise!

Thanks for the heartfelt card and I will be using this mug plenty this season ❤️​

I'm moving into my own place soon, I recently got in a car accident and either need to fix or replace my car, and my phone is on it's last legs and I probably need a new one. Safe to say I probably won't be buying a PS5 for awhile 😢​

Normally I don't like the onslaught of Christmas consumerism that comes right after Halloween but this year I'm down for it. I could use 2 whole months of festive cheer

Anyone else just sit around at 11:30 at night and have the sudden urge to make pancakes?

I think it's an excellent idea

I've lost like 10 lbs (4.5 kg) since starting my job, and I've really been feeling excellent. So that's pretty nifty I would say

I think nigori (cloudy) sake might be one of my favorite things to drink. Had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. Goes excellent with ramen (real ramen, not instant)

So Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out on November 17th, around the same time as the next gen consoles, and yet it is releasing on current gen and not next gen for awhile. It's nice that they will be offering free upgrades when the next gen version is available, but still.

I'm confused by this decision.

So I have been really into whisky for awhile now, and it turns out that Japan makes some really fantastic stuff. Highly recommend for all my legal age fellow Turbos

I attempted making some authentic Italian carbonara and it turned out disappointing, so here I am drinking a bottle of prosecco by myself to wash away my sorrows.

(I’m ok)

Haven't been able to catch up on any recent Show and Trailers, so I'm not sure if anyone else has anything about Iron Harvest. It's an RTS that's like WWI plus mechs and it looks really awesome from the trailer I just saw.

I've been binge watching Joshua Weissman videos and now I have a whole list of things on my to-do cooking list.

This is partially filling the gaping wound left in me by the death of Bon Appetit

A friend of mine asked me what the difference between bourbon and scotch was and I launched into a huge tirade of information and lowkey revealed how much of an alcoho--- I mean liquor enthusiast I am.

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