Rewatching The Office, I am reminded by how much of a jackass Michael Scott was the first couple of seasons

Oh boy my computer does NOT like the mods I just loaded into Minecraft. It now takes almost 5 minutes to boot up.

I probably should make sure I didn't break something...

If you all haven't been watching Bon Appetit by now then get a move on and start

Hey anyone know what happened to @TheMid90s ?

He's been missing for a while now, and his account says he's a bot (not sure if that's a thing, but 🤷‍♂️​)

For anyone who misses today's Show and Trailer, we're suggesting movies for December's Awesome Piece Theatre.

Make a suggestion with the tag and be sure to favorite and reply to any suggestions you agree with!

Die Hard, because it's the best Christmas movie of all time. No contest here

@DingleDangleScarecrow Almost every time you boost a several day old post I go to click the link to the stream to find it offline. 🙁​

So I had a bit of an accident today while chopping up a tree we cut down.

The kind of accident that involves a branch gouging out a small chunk of my upper lip. I'm doing alright, but the doctor can't stitch it up so I'm going to have to hope it mostly heals.

To the people who buy used police cars and keep the pushbars and spotlights:

You’re the worst and you should feel bad

So I am having the sudden desire to make pizza from scratch in my cast iron skillet. Which begs the question of the century about pizza toppings. (No, not THAT question.)

Green bell pepper on pizza?

Going to the world’s largest corn maze (title unverified) seems like just about the most Midwestern thing to do.

So here I am.

On my 10th birthday, we were visiting my aunt's house (not a birthday party). They had a German Shephard named Otto who wasn't too friendly with most people, which I didn't really understand because my dog was super friendly so I wrongly assumed all dogs were.

Anyways, Otto was eating from his bowl outside and I approached him from behind, causing him to react suddenly and he bit hard into my left armpit, breaking skin and making me cry like a baby.

I eventually forgave Otto.

So Maya got spayed today. I’m really surprised at how chill she is about the whole thing. The vet said she might be in some pain and be slower for awhile, but the moment I brought her home she seemed to be back to normal.

She’s currently laying on my bed near me purring louder than I have ever heard her purr before so I take that as a good sign.

I hope the folks who're boycotting Blizzard for the Hong Kong mess will also boycott Disney and more specifically the Mulan remake

"In the end, the greatest snowball isn't a snowball at all; it's fear."

- Dwight Kurt Schrute

A rare instance of Maya staying still for a decent picture.

Oh my god I really hope this is a thing that works. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, given how absurdly paranoid the Chinese government is.

Oh man I could really go for some Korean barbeque right now but the closest place is like an hour away and also it's super wierd to go alone

So I just saw Joker and wow. It made incredibly uncomfortable at some points but damn it's so good. Highly recommend everyone see it.

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