So Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out on November 17th, around the same time as the next gen consoles, and yet it is releasing on current gen and not next gen for awhile. It's nice that they will be offering free upgrades when the next gen version is available, but still.

I'm confused by this decision.

So I have been really into whisky for awhile now, and it turns out that Japan makes some really fantastic stuff. Highly recommend for all my legal age fellow Turbos

I attempted making some authentic Italian carbonara and it turned out disappointing, so here I am drinking a bottle of prosecco by myself to wash away my sorrows.

(I’m ok)

Haven't been able to catch up on any recent Show and Trailers, so I'm not sure if anyone else has anything about Iron Harvest. It's an RTS that's like WWI plus mechs and it looks really awesome from the trailer I just saw.

I've been binge watching Joshua Weissman videos and now I have a whole list of things on my to-do cooking list.

This is partially filling the gaping wound left in me by the death of Bon Appetit

A friend of mine asked me what the difference between bourbon and scotch was and I launched into a huge tirade of information and lowkey revealed how much of an alcoho--- I mean liquor enthusiast I am.

Had a Cuban coffee served in this adorable little cup.

For all you music nerds. This guy is super cool and I like every score he has done.

It’s a strange feeling living in a world where the Bon Appetit cinematic universe has functionally ceased to exist.

I just discovered bardcore music and I am in instantly obsessed

Oceans rise, empires fall, but I never tire of watching the Top Gear Africa Special from 2013

Maya (my cat) is very interested in the smell of whiskey and I don't know if that should concern me xD

So Harley Quinn is a fantastic show, dare I say, closing in on Batman: The Animated Series kind of good.

So I’ve been dog sitting this week, and the this is the first time that that dog on the right (her name is Molly) has even laid down in the same room as me. She was abused by her previous owner and is very scared of people, especially strangers.

Tonight, she just walked up to me slowly, let me pet her a few times for the first time, and jumped up there to sleep. I am deeply honored by her trust.

Started a new job today. Working in a warehouse, so it’s going to be pretty physically demanding though. On the bright side, it pays really well and might finally kick my lazy butt into getting into better shape.

I'm actually super excited for Far Cry 6 now, based solely on the fact that Giancarlo Esposito is a terrifying man and I love him so much

Anyone else watch Hamilton on Disney+? I saw it live 2 years ago in Chicago, and it really kickstarted my deep love for musical theatre. I highly recommend it

Watching my relative’s dogs over the weekend. Here they are huddled near me as I protect them from the sounds of fireworks.

Just in case anybody wants to know, my falsetto game is strong enough where I've learned how to hit those high notes in Take on Me

I am terrified of infected in LOU2 and every encounter takes like 2-3 times longer for me because I hide for an unreasonable amount of time.

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