For anyone who misses today's Show and Trailer, we're suggesting movies for December's Awesome Piece Theatre.

Make a suggestion with the tag and be sure to favorite and reply to any suggestions you agree with!

@Downes000 I'ma have to just put my vote in for Batman Returns as a possible other actiony xmas movie.

Maybe Die Hard could be this year and Batman Returns next year.

I'm actually having a hard time coming up with a decent list of more movies for Xmas.

@Trancilian I firmly second this actually.

Polar Express is a solid Christmas movie all around. Also it has Tom Hanks as every other character

@Downes000 yeah I’m legit a fan of the movie. Great music too. My friend and I would joke about Tom Hanks being every object in a mocap suit. “See that train window? That’s Tom Hanks in a mocap suit.” My friend is still listed as Tom Hanks in my phone

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