-ish. This was drawn based off of some dumb song Fraser once sang. Something about stuffing pokemon into shoes? i don't think he meant it to sound as cute as I envisioned it.

Here's another oldie fanart. I remember being so proud of the top pic and how well it came out, but then fraser had to be all like "moar!" and i was just like gdi.

Look at this talent!

Thanks for contributing @awwbree @NerdinaCan @dissy @Sindian @Y2kraykray @MrBlow @mellisbaker @DumplingzOwO!

@Sindian Want to make our next scribble for us to base our art on? I'll promote early next week!

Made another bit of art in preparation for the AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli.

Throwback to when I drew VGA fanart a lot to the point where it was maybe kinda creepy!? This is still one of my faves.

@FarFromSubtle here's the sticker pack if you were interested in telling people to chotto a minute!

Hope it's OK to self-promote a lil. But if anyone's interested, I've been working on a webtoons comic for the past few months called "Understanding Love". Please consider checking it out! :^) webtoons.com/en/challenge/unde


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