Why is Evil Dead 2 one of the best horror movies?

Lessons from anime: If you see a deer, suplex it.

I love that I didn’t hear a single thing about Metroid Dread until, like, the week before its release.

Now I only had to wait a few days instead of months!

I just realized the difference between Deadwood and The Wire (aside from the obvious).

In Deadwood, there is an almost constant focus on the plot, with brief character moments peppered throughout the show. In The Wire, those character moments ARE the plot.

@FarFromSubtle You really should check out The Thing by John Carpenter at some point. I won’t give any spoilers, but based on your comments with Alien, I can say with confidence you will at least like it.

Also, you weren’t impressed with Halloween, but consider this: with The Thing, Carpenter is working with an actual budget.

I think the Muppet’s Christmas Carol is the one version of the story where I don’t freakin’ hate Tiny Tim.

The Netflix Sandman series looks… not terrible.

Has the world gone mad, or have I?

Me: I want to see Green Knight!

Amazon: $20 for a rental.

Me: Piracy it is!

I think most people can watch Clint Eastwood and respectfully disagree with his… opinions are 1) he WAS born in 1930, so he kinda has an excuse and

2)… he actually has redeeming personal qualities.

Thrbos, if you haven’t yet, give Vinland Saga a chance. Yes, even if you don’t particularly watch anime.

Here’s the thing; shows like Attack on Titan and One Punch Man are good and very fun in their own right.

A series like. Vinland Saga comes around once a decade.

So, it’s mid-September, and already we’ve got… Tales of Arise, Eastward, and Deltarune chapter 2.

JRPs are back, baby!

Not gonna lie, I WOULD like to see a vga for an Undertale Pacifist route someday.

Finally finished The Wire. It really kind of does live up to the hype, though you have to finish at least one season before getting any solid thoughts on it, and I get why that won’t work for some people.

Slight spoilers:

Seriously, though, how many cop shows have not just one but multiple characters who are on the police force realize “…maybe I shouldn’t be a cop”?

Vinland Saga comes out on Blu Ray next week!

I haven’t been this excited to see an anime’s dub for quite a while.

However else I feel about Afghanistan, I just realized...

We have a President who has some idea of what he’s doing. And actually gives updates without shoving his ego down everyone’s throats!

Just take a moment to appreciate that.

Me: ‘I’m getting kinda sick of new Stars Wars just ripping off Kurosawa again and again.’

Disney: ‘What if we ripped off Kurosawa, but with anime?’


Started playing Red Dead 2 again after almost forgetting it existed. By God this game is amazing!


There is a comic book crossover with Batman and ELMER freakin’ FUDD this is not a joke.

Here’s a review: youtu.be/RkKGCV5VgEs

So… why the hell DID the US stay in Afghanistan for 20 years?

It all fell apart almost immediately after we left, so did we actually get anything done!?

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