You ever see something with a celebrity you like and think ‘I am going to be so sad when they die’?

Finished Succession season 1. Damn it, the hype was right, now I can’t be smug about it.

And now… announcing the new head of Microsoft…. Roman Polanski!

Tried watching the original West Side Story and, uh….

If Lawrence of Arabia can’t get away with brownface for what are arguably some of cinema’s greatest performances, neither can this movie.

IDEA: anime of cute girls doing cute things… except they’re all Lovecraftian abominations.

Okay, maybe there are pluses to the internet allowing everyone to write their own reviews for everything.

From the Joker reviews on Letterboxd

So… nfts are non-taxable right now, since no laws for them exist yet. You ever wonder why massive corporations are shifting to them, there you go.

I just watched an anime that has a scene taking place in Texas. They turn on the local news station labeled ‘Texas News’ with the anchorman wearing a suit and a cowboy hat.

This feels like something that should be offensive but it’s just so damn adorable!

So I tried watching Succession.

How do any of you not get migraines from that awful, AWFUL camera movement?

If you think most writing in video games has kinda turned to crap, the first ten minutes of The Forgotten City will fix you right up!

If Die Hard is a Christmas movie, another film to add to the list? LA Confidential.

See it even if it’s not a Christmas movie, it’s really damn good.

I honestly don’t think movies have gotten low-quality in the last decade or so. It’s just that we’re getting so many more movies released every year.

That just means there’s a greater chance that we get more crap.

Ballad of Buster Scruggs: if more musicals had lyrics like “Humankind he frowned upon, but not now, his face is gone.”, more people would like musicals.

Why are games like Celeste, Dead Cells, and Hades so much more fun than most recent AAA games?

Spider-Man: No Way Home (no spoilers)

So, Warner Bros, Lucasfilm, countless other bandwagoners? This is what happens when people in charge actually GIVE A DAMN about what they’re making.


… I’m still not going to theaters during a pandemic, sorry.

Me: ‘God I love anime!’

Every anime that mentions making anime ever: ‘It’s absolute hell. Stay far, far away from it.’

Matrix Resurrections will absolutely have some kind of transgender character/metaphor/symbolism and I will love the enraged screeching of a certain group of ‘fans’.

Good god, the first three seasons of Community are just perfect.

Any word of a Deltarune show this month?

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