A german friend of mine started some while ago a twitch channel.
Right now he's streaming undertale (english).

Anyone from Norway land that knows how to even get those switch online membership codes/gift cards?. I can't find it anywhere for this region online????.
(And I don't feel comfortable linking up bank card ect to the system).

sigh, I miss when online was for free and not impossible to use for me.
Would like to play AC with onliners.

Happy late 2020! :3.
I hope you all doing good?

Feeling a bit fear of missing out today.
Some long distant friends of mine went to japan today, that we originally planned for years to go together on. But sadly I couldn't join because lack of space of Japanese rented cars.

I guess I'll go another time though.

Zelda; Link's awakening spoiler 

Have you noticed that when Link is awake the world is cartoon/anime styled. But in the dream world, the world is chibi-clay styled..

Just some small detail between the waking and dreaming state I noticed that is sorta neat.

I just got a account more for my art at

So I'll probably use this more on gaming talk :3

"I’m miss queen dice, I’m the gamest in the land, I never play nice, I’m the devil’s right hand lass. πŸŽ΅β€‹"

(I drew a genderbend version of King dice from cuphead)

Pumpkin lady:
Soon pumpkin month, so this was made :3 .

Though admittedly the ink version was done last year ^^; .

Now to end my birthday with some zelda gaming :3


I tried to draw Chamberlain.
(Also I really like the new dark crystal series X3 ).

The Deku underground cave

I always liked the Deku creatures. And I like the Deku cave in ocarina of time where you can display masks.

So this image is a bit inspired by that. I wanted to portray Link going down a underground cave, like showing how he would walked down one, instead the ingame transport down type of thing.

Help, Stardew valley is consuming my life atm XD.

It's pretty much 10 years ago I drew this final fantasy VI / III Terra fan art.
I also maybe should replay the game again sometime, been some years since last time I played it.

I don't feel it's that long ago I watched Tuca & Bertie, and it's already been canceled before I had chance to draw fan art.

Anyway, here's a quick one of the two elderly lesbian couple, one of them is literally an "owl" (old wise lesbian).

I drew this while waiting for the flight home from Germany back in July 11th :)

The thing that confuse me with mastodon, is that can I join other "instances" from this account? (be in several at once?). or do I have to make an entirely new account for that?. (I kinda wanna keep my username after all).

Just out of curiosity. Who in here was in the German meetup back in 2017?.

I do admit I don't remember all the names and faces I greeted. But do feel free to say hi if you was there, even though I do have shit memory.

Other than that I do however I remember I had a good time meeting you folks and have drink in the beer garden and other stuff.

Made this for the vga crew back in 2017 when they were in Europe.

Old vga-zelda drawing.
Back when vga played ocarina of time (2012)

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