It's pretty much 10 years ago I drew this final fantasy VI / III Terra fan art.
I also maybe should replay the game again sometime, been some years since last time I played it.

@Evanatt Awesome drawing! Out of curiosity, what versions of the game do you own? I've been wanting to play it for the last few years but the Steam version seems kinda crappy (the updated sprites look really out of place).

@NoisomePossum I played it as a downloadable for the wii. Sadly wii don't have eshop anymore. Here's hoping the switch will ever have it!.
There is also a playstation port, exist a nintendo gameboy advance port, and the snes mini have it too.

If not I've heard there's a mod for the steam version that make things a bit better.

@Evanatt Oh nice! I didn't realize it was on the snes mini. I'll have to get one of those then. I used to have the playstation rerelease but I think I sold it. Too bad it isn't downloadable for PS4. 😕​

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