It’s cute until you see that this guy is having a rowboat date with his inanimate life-size sex doll.

Guys this is such a nice place compared to Twitter. There is so much anger out there.

Waiting for it to get dark so we can watch GoT!

Becky is quite drunk right now. Not sure we can do a show.

@nulani On the web interface all my toots are defaulted to “Followers-only”. I have to change the toggle every time if I don’t what it to be. Any way to change the default?

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Oh man I forgot the most important thing for our own custom Twitter. Can we get SQUARE profile pics on here? @nulani

*phew* The content warning on here is like screaming into a pillow. I needed that.

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And now an h.265 test. So the first post was 12 Mbps, second was 3 Mbps, third was 6Mbps, and this is 3Mbps H.265

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