Hey ya buddies! in case you diddn't see on Twitter: We are LIVE in 47 hours with the Wonderful101 kickstarter closing stream! Hope e'll see ya there as we broadcast from Osaka Japan!

Great Awesome Piece Theatre(s) everyone! If you missed it, definitely give a watch in the archive

In case ya’ll missed it, we have a new channel! We’re pulling back the curtain on our lives in Japan with a New Years Day video to start: youtube.com/watch?v=kh7a25QggU

Hey all PS4 Turbo Overwatchers! @rth1089 and I have finally gotten around to making a psn community for the Turbo Pick up Games (PUGS). This way we will now be able to add events on psn that will update everyone in the community on the date and time of the next pugs. If you'd like to join and play with us sometime, just look up "Turbo Pugs" in the community search area! You can also tell me your username on here and I can send you an invite. All turbos are welcome and we'd love to see you there!

Star Wars Episode 9 Thoughts 


And among one of the worst FILMS I have ever seen.

Gonna go see Star Wars in a few hours! Fingers crossed it is AWESOME!

Anyone play Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo? I would love to visit some towns

Hey guys, I’m gonna release that Minecraft episode we recorded uncut for those of you who like the full length experiences more than cut down.

@dissy @grable @Kaptainawesome89 I think this time around it will be easy to curate the best of the best because I hear there are some major trailers. But maybe once the show starts we can get Dissy’s syetem going and maybe a few bonus trailers can be added to the end of the show by order of priority based on fan vote weight.

Show thread

Hey @dissy , @grable will be curating our YouTube playlist for Show and Trailer. Could you show her your voting system? @Kaptainawesome89 You can send her what you have been putting together which will be a big help I am sure!

Hey guys. We are aiming to do our stream in about an hour but it might take a bit longer. Please bear with us as I test the setup.

@Froztbite Hey dude, don’t suppose ya have an extra “Control” code layin’ around the office? ;)

@MissBlow If anyone is subbed to Hulu in the US, you can stream Grave of the Fireflies through that.

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