Trying a way smaller bitrate to see how it compares on here.


And now an h.265 test. So the first post was 12 Mbps, second was 3 Mbps, third was 6Mbps, and this is 3Mbps H.265

@FarFromSubtle This one dose not look like anything is moving but there is sound. Not sure if that is just me though.

@Kane_Cartoon Yeah lots of people can;t play h.256. What is your device?

@Kane_Cartoon So windows. Which browser? @nulani Does nobody on windows have h.265? I know it is an Apple codec, but so is h.264.

@FarFromSubtle @Kane_Cartoon It can be played back in media players, but not so much in browsers; mostly to do with licensing and royalty fees to MPEG.

It's not really supported outside of Safari on iOS.

Most are moving towards supporting AV1/WebM; don't think we'll see much more widespread support for H.265/MP4 unless the fees are dropped or someone steps in and pays them on behalf of third parties, like Cisco has done with H.264.

@FarFromSubtle @Kane_Cartoon YouTube has started rolling out AV1; can be enabled on

In any case, if you want your video to be widely supported in browsers, stick to H.264/MP4 (thanks Cisco) or go with VP9/WebM for now.

@FarFromSubtle @Kane_Cartoon Good thing for Apple that Cisco paid to make sure H.264 is widely supported!

Apple is a governing member of the Alliance for Open Media, who are the ones behind AV1, so I expect we'll start to see support for that in the not too distant future.

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