It’s cute until you see that this guy is having a rowboat date with his inanimate life-size sex doll.

@FarFromSubtle You sure it isn't the gal having a rowboat date with her inanimate life sized sex doll?

Cuz for some reason that makes it feel a little cuter :P

@FarFromSubtle That kind of looks like it's a robot rowboating with his robot girlfriend.

@akiraokami @FarFromSubtle Both of them look rather robotic, yes.

Sweet 🤖​ ❤️​.

@FarFromSubtle You don't know it's a sex doll! Maybe the relationship is completely platonic.

@FarFromSubtle I think there's a documentary on this on youtube about men who make dolls and date them, because real women are to much work. It's weird but informative.

@hylian17 @FarFromSubtle If you haven't seen it yet, you should check out the movie Lars and the real girl with Ryan Gosling. It's a pretty good movie.

@hylian17 @FarFromSubtle Perhaps I should explain that it's relevant because it's about a guy who 'dates' a sex doll.

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