Even though that was a pretty mediocre E3 overall, it was still a good time. Thanks for being a great audience guys. Hanging out and saying silly shit about games with people who get your humor is such a great feeling.

@FarFromSubtle Mediocre? Animal Crossing gameplay! Dragon Quest Hero AND Banjo for Smash! BotW 2 announced!🤩​ The Nintendo diehard in me is rejoicing after most of their announcements. Some Treehouse announcements bring me down some, but it was pretty great overall.

@Noelle_Epileptic @FarFromSubtle
Even as someone who'se neutral to Nintendo I'm excited at seeing what BotW 2 does.

@Noelle_Epileptic Cool things happened, but everything is relative. This E3 was very dull compared to years past.

@FarFromSubtle Yeah. I'm just happy to have had a hype moment. Maybe next year will be better. Maybe Sony will stop being a lamer and come back to the E3s.

@FarFromSubtle It's fun every year to sit down and experience E3 with y'all. You're the best.

@FarFromSubtle it was pretty lit for a nintendo boy like myself 🔥

@awhaleable If that was lit, then I guess the old days when Nintendo would bring Reggie and Miyamoto on stage with a full orchestra must have given you aneurysms huh?

@FarFromSubtle Reggie, Miyamoto, Iwata days will always be golden. Even in the dark ages of the WiiU. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times.

@FarFromSubtle Whenever E3 comes around, all I can think about is getting to watch it with you guys for a few days. I don't even think about watching the conferences alone. Regardless of how mediocre one may think it is, I still love sitting down and enjoying it with everyone.

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