@FistOfFiori @2Heinz @TheMid90s Hey guys I have an idea for tonights Mario Maker episode but I need your help. Could one or all of ya scout out some Mario focused creations on dreams and put them into a collection for us to play? I want to to see which company has the best “Mario Maker”.

@RadLaddy @2Heinz @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle @FistOfFiori

10 AM
MY GF: "Who da hell keeps messaging you?
ME:"It's the Turbo Toots baby! The Turbo Toots! I swear!

@FarFromSubtle @TheMid90s @2Heinz @MissBlow @FistOfFiori An Mm founder said that a lot of people in littlebigplanet (and Dreams) needed to learn to make their platforming jumps like 2/3 of the maximum jump distance instead of making it so you can barely make it. I think that's quite pertinent. Everyone in Dreams is trying to make the Impossible Game because they think frustration = fun platforming for some reason

@RadLaddy @TheMid90s @2Heinz @MissBlow @FistOfFiori It’s true. There is a generation of gamer who believes that anything less than insane difficulty is hand-holding. They believe that making a game close to impossible will automatically mean respect for them as a gamer/designer.

@FarFromSubtle @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s Done. It's called VGA Mario Collection; not curated for quality at all, just sorted by 2D and 3D.

@FarFromSubtle @2Heinz @TheMid90s Grest idea! Thanks @2Heinz - I'm at work and not home until just after 6pm (2am Tokyo time) so wouldn't be able to look/collate.
I have seen a 2D Super Mario Bros remake about on Dreams and also in terms of 3D mario there's a Peaches Castle and Whomps Fortress combo from Mario 64. I bet there's more aside from those as well. I know there's also a Mario people can insert into their dreams too as a playable character.

@FistOfFiori @FarFromSubtle @TheMid90s I just searched for Mario, checked if it's really a Mario game and put it into the collection. You guys can check, if I missed something and let me know. If it's not called or tagged Mario, I probably missed it.

@2Heinz @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s Yeah I wonder if there are any secret hidden ones out there that have only been shared on forums and stuff in order to avoid being deleted.

@FarFromSubtle @FistOfFiori @TheMid90s In wouldn't know, because I'm usually not in some secret underground Mario forums ^^ But it's still some time left; I will search a bit deeper in the Dreamiverse.

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