So I got airpods for editing with and they are amazing once you add 3rd party silicon hooks to them. And the way they pair up is so seamless it makes you kinda mad that mot all devices work like this.

@FarFromSubtle I might have to finally bite the bullet. I just joined a gym so those might be the easiest solution to listen to my tunes (and podcasts) (also going for the first time tomorrow wish me luck)

@sonnavafitch Good luck! Take it easy and push yourself when your really feeling it!

@FarFromSubtle dude the pairing is the biggest selling feature IMO. It always just WORKS and it's nuts

@Reposefultube Yeah sadly bluetooth has never been seemless despite the fact that it was why it was invented.

@FarFromSubtle yeah, I mean it doesn't help that everything also started to use the wavelength around Bluetooth and it started to get worse before it was better

@FarFromSubtle they pair with Apple products I assume? Why are you editing on apple laptop or computer instead of the AMDRig I wonder?

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