What do ya’ll think. Will Tuesday be the hero reveal or will it be another week of teases?

@FarFromSubtle hard to say, but the sooner he hits the ptr the happier I’ll be. Jeff said he was going to be delayed, so with so many teasers already a solid lore dump this week would be sufficient for me. Sigma seems to be the most story driven character since Doomfist, so I’m just excited to see more story development!

@FarFromSubtle there's speculation that he'll hit the ptr tomorrow, weirdly.

@FarFromSubtle based on the teaser, I'd guess this Tuesday, but only time will tell

@FarFromSubtle there has been some leaks and it seems confirmed by Jeff from the Overwatch team himself. Seems like we will see it pretty soon.

@FarFromSubtle It's really hard to say since the last two heroes had no build-up until their releases, but it is possible we might see Hero 31 soon.

If he was put onto the PTR this week, it's likely the PTR patch would go live between August 5th and 12th, and we know The Role Queue Beta for Competitive is meant to begin right after the current season ends (which is on the 12th)

Whatever the case, I'm sure we'll see him soon

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