SO even though I WANT to watch Pokemon on Sunday for APT, maybe ya’ll would like something different. Taking suggestions!

@FarFromSubtle Have you guys watched Everyday life with Monster Girls?

@FarFromSubtle “this isn’t a beach, this is the bathtub” but the full Academy Award Winning movie.

@FarFromSubtle How about something from Tarantino? Kill Bill 1 and 2 that's a good double feature I actually saw those two back to back in the theater really great movie going experience.

Only mentioned Tarantino cause "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" is out in the USA tomorrow.

@FarFromSubtle I’m good with el Pokémon for APT. Have you thought of dipping your toes into other animé titles now that you’ve been in Japan for a minute.

@FarFromSubtle if we are thinking tbpv shows id love to get onto batman the animated series. Plus on the same line we watched tim burtons batman but not the sequel so that would be fun. Monty python would also be amazing and theres still toy story 3 and the last 3 harry potter movies. Then theres stuff like mrs doubtfire and we are the shadows!

Ahhh theres so much choice haha

@FarFromSubtle Digimon! Yigioh!!! Beyblades!!!!! (honestly, watch the thing that *you* want to watch lol)

@FarFromSubtle I *do* super want to suggest (for a future APT!) that you two try something like, say, Alien 1 & 2, or even a show like Cowboy Bebop (in English!)

@FarFromSubtle Pokémon is always fun but I just saw another turbo suggest yugioh and i would actually SCREAM if that happened (or perhaps Dragon Ball Super aka Dragon Ball Z without the filler)

@lore I think DB Super is the sequel to DBZ, while Kai is DBZ with no fillers. Could be wrong though.

@FullMoonHowl no y’all right I was drinking my dumb bitch juice while typing this

@lore @FarFromSubtle Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z, which is the sequel to Dragon Ball. DBZ without filler is Dragon Ball Kai, and getting a hold of the entire series is almost impossible. I've personally only managed to find up to the end of the Namek saga.

@FarFromSubtle To go with Red Dead how about a Western? Tombstone and Back to the Future III come to mind.

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