LIVE NOW with Hearthstone ya’ll!

@FarFromSubtle I've started playing Hearthstone now, but I'm a slow learner. Lost almost every game for the 6 hours I've tried training, but I haven't played many strategy games. Good thing it's the point of the game to keep trying things. I'll be watching more hearthstone shows to see what else I can absorb, but right now I'm at work so I best get back to it.

@Cybearman @FarFromSubtle play some of the solo games. It gives you a peek at some cards that you don’t have yet and helps you start to think about possible strategies as it relates to deck building. Plus you earn some nice cards and characters in the process.

@Y2kraykray @FarFromSubtle thanks, I'll try that next. Yeah, I'm still getting use to how to change my deck to my advantage.

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