@CUPCAT Thanks for the offer and cool stuff you got but I have some real fun ideas for doing it in Dreams. :)

@TheCvgun123 Becky will email with a bunch of tips and suggestions where to stay! @MissBlow

Anyone play Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo? I would love to visit some towns

@AnimatedPeanut Horses have gotta be one of the hardest things to fuckin draw ever.

Hey guys, I’m gonna release that Minecraft episode we recorded uncut for those of you who like the full length experiences more than cut down.

re: Spoilers for God of War ps4 

@Flashpoint Sorry @grable and @Kaptainawesome89 are currently not using @dissy ’s system for suggestions yet. Maybe down the road. You could always @ them some suggestions though!

@AcidSilver Overwatch is incredibly well balanced matchmaking version of TF2, which is sadly why I would never enjoy TF2 again by relative comparison.

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