EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT. WE ARE GOING LIVE SOON. A miscommunication means we have to get this show in the can sooner than later. Which means NOW! Show starts soonish with “Heave Ho” sponsored by Devolver Digital!

@spikerman87 Hmmm, never played that one. I always wanted baulders gate and everquest though.

Reorganizing my office and found these 😭😭😭😭 these are getting a special place on my corkboard

We’re LIVE in 4 hours with the Gamescom show. Probably a little earlier!

@2Heinz Arnolds whacky accent almost made it sound like he said “get yer ass TO mars”

@Sputnik Nice to hear! I have yet to do solo queue since placement. I hope it feels like a positive change!

@mellisbaker @TheCvgun123 First one for it’s solid state drive. Solid state forever. Regular hard drives should die.

@Kaninchenbau He makes such great points but his voice makes it so hard to watch. The way his voice trails off on each sentence feels like a cheap tactic to lend weight to his argument.

@Ethvau But seriously, that sounds rough if you are dealing with it. This community might be a good place to start.

Hey everyone! It's been a while. How are you guys doing? 😄 Just found this in my hometown in north-eastern germany. Looks like Temmie is in the root beer business now 😅

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