re: Spoilers for God of War ps4 

@Flashpoint Sorry @grable and @Kaptainawesome89 are currently not using @dissy ’s system for suggestions yet. Maybe down the road. You could always @ them some suggestions though!

@AcidSilver Overwatch is incredibly well balanced matchmaking version of TF2, which is sadly why I would never enjoy TF2 again by relative comparison.

@DeathByBlunderbuss You can just put it into 1080p mode if you are worried about the file sizes. You can also still use the 4x slo mo which can only record in 1080p.

@DeathByBlunderbuss @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris Like I said, 90% of everything I do is on Osmo now. If the background is very blurry then it is with my Lumix though.

@DeathByBlunderbuss @MetroidSlayerP7 @RetroChris I don’t know how powerful you computer is but 4K footage is tough to deal with. On the other hand the entry level iPad is about $300 and handles 4K like a dream.

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