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SO even though I WANT to watch Pokemon on Sunday for APT, maybe ya’ll would like something different. Taking suggestions!

What do ya’ll think. Will Tuesday be the hero reveal or will it be another week of teases?

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on here much. I become hermit-ized when Becky isn’t around. Even digitally.

So I got airpods for editing with and they are amazing once you add 3rd party silicon hooks to them. And the way they pair up is so seamless it makes you kinda mad that mot all devices work like this.

Hey I read up on your estrogen soy fears @Bundro and that only applies to soy isolate and overprocessed soy products like some of the fake meats and soy bars and stuff. Even then you have to eat a LOT of that for it do have an effect. You can drink as much soy milk and eat as much edemame as you want.

Staying on a calorie deficit is alot easier when @MissBlow isn’t around constantly saying “You want me to make you some cookies or pizza or grilled cheese or some shit?

Mini TURBO trip. The Edge goes to the Stampede. Kruxy made neat t-shirts 🇩🇰➡️🇨🇦

I have a YouTube channel
I have skits and etc
Broky Voice - “Like, Rate, Subscribe!”

We are playing some trover saves the universe if you wanna hang out!

Early morning thoughts but @MissBlow @FarFromSubtle You guys are truly an inspiration! You've both worked so hard over the years and I'm just happy to see where you guys are now and how much the community has grown!

Hey Turbo PS4 Overwatchers! @rth1089 and I will be hosting our Turbo pick up games (PUGS) this Friday (7/5) at 7pm EST, 4pm PST. Anyone is free to join! Feel free to ask if you have never played them before and have any questions!

Switch Buddies add me! Friend code: SW-3197-0722-8512

@FistOfFiori @2Heinz @TheMid90s Hey guys I have an idea for tonights Mario Maker episode but I need your help. Could one or all of ya scout out some Mario focused creations on dreams and put them into a collection for us to play? I want to to see which company has the best “Mario Maker”.

How come ain’t nobody sent me a screenshot of Bloodstained’s protagonist with a moustache yet?!

PS if you made something in Dreams poke me or FistOfFiori so we can add it to the collection!

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Seeing those comments in VGAs BotW 2, oof. I'm expecting later-on a cutscene showing coop Dungeons, Frash going, "I knew there would be coop!"
Then the comments for that one, "Of course Nintendo would do coop [insult here.]"

@FarFromSubtle Most important thing I can recommend if you try it out though: make sure you count your calories to ensure you are getting what you need. Especially protein.

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Guys intermittent fasting works (for me). The first couple days were a little rough, but now it is by far the easiest way I have been able to maintain a calorie deficit.

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