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EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT. WE ARE GOING LIVE SOON. A miscommunication means we have to get this show in the can sooner than later. Which means NOW! Show starts soonish with “Heave Ho” sponsored by Devolver Digital!

Reorganizing my office and found these 😭😭😭😭 these are getting a special place on my corkboard

We’re LIVE in 4 hours with the Gamescom show. Probably a little earlier!

Hey everyone! It's been a while. How are you guys doing? 😄 Just found this in my hometown in north-eastern germany. Looks like Temmie is in the root beer business now 😅

Are there any San Antonio Tx, Turbos? I just moved here and could use some buds!

Made another bit of art in preparation for the AWESOME! Piece Theatre of Studio Ghibli.

4 New Turbos Some (Rad Dudes)
repost with your @ (What U do)
@AnimatedPeanut Drawings
@NerdinaCan Drawings
@Kazuki Figures
@Sampparts Drawings
@Evanatt Drawings
@RedFoxCorky Drawings
@MrMarc Drawings
@2Heinz Game Maker
@voodoo Music Artist
@nulani Streamer
@StarKitsune Streamer
@Zaziuma Streamer
@hylian17 Streamer
@FistOfFiori Youtuber
@TheMinett Water Guy
@DeathByBlunderbuss Traveler
@grable Cool Mod
@dissy Pig Farmer
@ZombieUnicorn DM
@MissBlow Host of FFSTV
@FarFromSubtle Becky's BF

LIVE NOW with Hearthstone ya’ll!

So excited for the new Hearthstone set release that I just grinded out an extra 100 gold today!

Well until I figure all this newfangled tootin technology out, I wanted to share my Let's Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, that just got finished up! This is a fully voice acted Let's Play with over 40 guest voice actors (including a bunch of TURBOS) that's presented as a cinematic experience, rather than a video game walkthrough. I hope you enjoy, if you decide to watch!

PAX newsletter just notified that PAX South badges go on sale on August 1st at 3 PM ET Get ready!

SO even though I WANT to watch Pokemon on Sunday for APT, maybe ya’ll would like something different. Taking suggestions!

What do ya’ll think. Will Tuesday be the hero reveal or will it be another week of teases?

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on here much. I become hermit-ized when Becky isn’t around. Even digitally.

So I got airpods for editing with and they are amazing once you add 3rd party silicon hooks to them. And the way they pair up is so seamless it makes you kinda mad that mot all devices work like this.

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