I just finished watchin the Final Story Trailer for "The Last of Us Part II"
It was so well done, epic, complete chills & goosebumps.

I've been able to avoid the actual leaks floating around & intend to til the end.
I even added somethin like 60 diff combinations of words/phrases to mute/prevent any pop ups w/ Twitter.

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle If you plan on doing an emergency S&T for this (which is worth it) I'd recommend disabling comments if posting on Youtube + Twitch shadow chat.

@nulani @MissBlow I'd like to submit my $60CAD Turbo donation for this yr, but given the change to TOOT, where do I actually submit it now?

I thought maybe it's done through Patreon now? But it only shows it's a mthly thing.

Let me know when you can as I'm eager to submit it.
Much luv y'all 😁

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle hope y'all are doing well πŸ‘
Wanted to mention to Frash, to give a quick check on his Twitter DM as i sent a little somethin. Enjoy :) see ya on the next show, unless I'm stuck at the office of course.

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle is there a forum thread in Turbo Discourse that will be created to start writing childhood or spooky stories?
If so can anyone attach the link? cause i don't see it thus far.
Looking forward to the show guys :)

@FarFromSubtle is there a link to post or vote on trailers for tonight's show?

Because of New York Comic Con is happening this wknd, so there are trailers that are still being released. Like the 2nd Picard Series Trailer which it's a must.

Had really liked the format of the last S&T and wanted to know if this show will have a similar setup.

Look everyone I finally Tooted! so yeah tht won't ever not sound odd whatever the sentence Lol

So today is an awesome yet sad day for me, I get to see Avengers Endgame 2night, which I'm sure will end w an Epic finale w some fav characters no doubt sacrificing themselves...

...thn i come home to watch GoT's 3rd Epic Ep where again I've no doubt will end in battle filled tragedy
All in all an Amazing night of tearful entertainment.
Nooo my eyes aren't watery, maybe you need glasses shutup! πŸ˜₯



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