The more people I can get to listen to Gogol Bordeloo the better. Dig Deep Enough in particular with all that is going on in the world. Dig deep enough and stay strong enough fellow Turbos.


The only way to enjoy APT. Kitty and whisky. Cheers Turbos.

Been a while since I posted anything. Have not been able to catch live shows due to the time difference. Miss a lot of you guys. Hope all is well.

Today I say good by to our Russian Blue Cat Igore. He came to us as a stray out of the rain and quickly became a member of the family. Though he had his problems he was over all a lovable mush. He will be missed.

I am having trouble. I can click on the settings button, I can click on the Show users. But when I go to click on the chat space I cannot. Please help.

Show thread

Having trouble with Turbo Chat. Can't click on where to chat for some reason.

Found this mini Cuthulu figurine by the side of a pathway of mulch. Not suspicious that there is a lake right behind him.

@MissBlow Welcome back. Hope you had a nice trip. If you check your e-mail my yearly Patreon should of gone through. I'll be doing a Show sponsorship just let me know the details of when that show might be.

For those of you interested make sure to check out God of War Raising Kratos on Playstaion Youtube. Documentary on reinventing Kratos.

Fox update. Fox kits! 4 in total managed to get this shot.

Will be sponsoring VGA in June. Choose the form of your destroyer.

Just set this thing up tonight. Not sure how this works. I'll get the hang of it.


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