I didn't even know I missed the chill mood of Minecraft shows until I started catching up on the previous one

I'm just writing this down for myself so that maybe I'll remember this mess next time there's a Pokémon APT. We're either continuing from where we last left off with episode 55 (Pokémon Paparazzi) or going back to watch the banned and skipped episodes

I think this ⬇️​ really goes to show what an absolute nightmare this is lmao

About the Pokémon Episode Shenannigans:

JPN Episode 018 -> Dub Episode 102
Episode 035 -> Never Dubbed
Episode 038 -> Never Dubbed (this is the epilepsy one)

With the rest of the episodes, well... they're just out of order in the English dub. What makes this even more confusing is that appearently some sites have the episodes in the order they were in the original Japanese broadcast (which also had broadcast order errors?!) instead of the dub order

So today we skipped dub episodes 52 and 53

HOLY SHIT Winston's bubble has been buffed on the PTR, it lasts 9 seconds now!!

I didn't I think I'd want to eat chocolate based on the packaging art but here I am youtube.com/watch?v=HU_CPXCB6u

Toby Fox has been celebrating Undertale's anniversary and it's been great my dudes: twitter.com/tobyfox/status/117

Oh man, it's Undertale's fourth anniversary tomorrow

Endgame finally came out on Blu-Ray where I live so I finally got to watch it yesterday and I'm upsetti because my fave died

If anybody wanted to get an idea of just how bad the edited version of Nausicaa was, I think the difference between the posters sums it up pretty well

(Miyazaki didn't send a katana to Miramax due to the severe editing though, that's just a rumor. It was Toshio Suzuki, Miyazaki's producer, who mailed the sword with a letter saying "no cuts".)

Here's the interview Hayao Miyazaki and Miyamoto did that was mentioned in the chat during the Laputa show: youtube.com/watch?v=D5zMwOuhyH

Ohhhh nooo, Blizzard messed up MMR values so the next season of comp has been delayed lmao noooo 😂​😭​

APT's soon, gotta make sure I've got plenty of tissues nearby 'cause 'tis gun be sad

My joking aside, we're supposed to get some kinda news/announcement in September so we could actually hear about an Overwatch port for the Switch 🥜​


An Official Overwatch case for the Switch got put up on Amazon and delisted minutes after


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