Quick friendly reminder for people planning on playing FFVIIR; that game is huge so make sure you have enough memory for it by the time you get your copy

[Weeps because Fraser decided to play OW while I was sleeping so the Patch Note doc I made specifically for him ended up being useless probably]

Okay here's a link to current version of the OW Patch Note Catch-Up File.
There's a quick-ish recap of OW2 info, some general game updates, Echo's current stats on the PTR and all the hero changes done from around since Fraser started his boycott (these changes I reorganized so they're listed per hero instead of patch and removed redundant changes like reverts)
If there's any further big updates before the boycott enddate I will update this again of course


Good thing I caught up on the last S&T, now I know I can cut out the Dev Updates from the OW Catch-Up doc I'm making for Fraser

Debating if I should include all of Echo's stats or not (since it's unclear if she'll hit Live before the boycott ends, meaning it's possible her stats might still change)

Was looking at my YT and oh man is this a blast from the past πŸ˜‚ Season 6 Placements with Fraser and Turbos, oh jeez​ youtube.com/watch?v=1S8i9MgAe8

IDK if anybody else had been doing this but I've been slowly compiling all the OW balance changes and gameplay updates into a Drive/doc file for Fraser so if/when he wants to return, well, it might be useful for him

(Mainly because Blizz did quite a few changes before going back on them, so reading the Patch Notes on their site is even more confusing than before, so I'm trying to streamline them for easier reading)

Turbos, wanna do me a favor today?

Please give your pet(s) a million billion hugs and smooches for me, and tell them how much you love them

Oh, and if you do wanna play the Original first (or later), definitely watch this video about the ports, it'll help figure out what version of it you'll be the most interested in playing and should get youtube.com/watch?v=dckf-r8sek

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If you like PS1 era games or you're just used to them then giving the Original a go first might be the way to go for you. If you've never touched a PS1 era game and can't get over the graphics, leaving it for some other time might be the better option.

Of course, this first part of the Remake is only a portion of the Original, with more parts to come in the future, so if you want to experience VII in its entirety right away the Original is your only option for a few more years

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A few people asked if they should play the original FFVII before the Remake comes out, and while it's absolutely not mandatory, to those who want to play both;

Do you want to go into the Remake to compare it to the Original, or do you want to go into the Original to compare it to the Remake?

One of the experiences will probably end up being maybe a little bit ruined with constant comparisons, so it comes down to which blind experience you're okay with losing

Slowly catching up on Critical Role and Matthew Mercer dressing up as McCree for their Halloween episode is making me lose my shit, and don't let me get started on Sam Riegel's Phoenix, 'cause holy fuck

NicoNicoDouga just had an official Digimon Adventure marathon where they broadcasted the entire original series-- I kinda assumed it'd be geoblocked so I didn't bother with it but it turned out to NOT be geoblocked, so I got to watch the last episode with a live comment section on the side going wild at the drop of a hat (πŸ₯β€‹), it was great

Mild Overwatch Leaks 

Looks like an OW Netflix series has been leaked? News via this article on GameSpot; on the OW Forums a Mod clarified that the leak didn't come from a LinkedIn post but rather a profile, and you can only see it while logged in.

Of course, if the leaks are legit it'll still take a good while before this show comes out, and it could still get canceled no doubt, but still, 'tis facinating


We got approx. 55 days until Fraser's Overwatch boycott expires, and good god is it gonna be an experience when Fraser gets back into the game, there's been *so many changes* πŸ˜‚β€‹

This promo art was kinda leaked from this month's issue of V-Jump (it's hitting the shelves on Tuesday) and there was also like a story blurb and I spent almost 2 hours translating it because I'm oh god my body is ready for this show

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One of my favorite childhood shows, Digimon Adventure, is getting a reboot!! πŸ˜­β€‹πŸ˜­β€‹ It's starting this April and it's airing on Fuji TV every sunday!! They're so beautiful I'm crying πŸ˜­β€‹β€οΈβ€‹

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