Latest update about my mother : so she got her results and apparantly they were super lucky with when they caught the cancer. They manage to get the majority of it but they have found out it was super aggressive so she has to have a LOT more chemo than they originally thought :(

I do not agree with JK Rowlings opinions and won't judge her for having her own but never really been a fan of her as a person even before all the controversy. But I can certainly seperate her from her work when I love Harry potter and this book is gorgeous! 2nd book coming this year. So many hidden parts with pages you can pull out and interact with

Omg Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out next month!!!! So excited. I bought this book and it's so interesting to seeing concept designs of characters we love. Jack had some badass concepts. Some interesting krogan designs too

Everything seems to be happening at once. As I said before, my mom had her operation to remove the tumour in her bladder and that was a success. Then I lost my job and now my mom has been rushed back into hospital due to complications with an infection :( just waiting to hear on test results now

Just got the phone call that I no longer have a job :( been made redundant and I'm not surprised after these lockdowns since I work in a restaurant :( the space is closing down since it's part of a store and the kitchen has been stripper. I love the restaurant owners though they are really trying to find new spaces to put us so there's a little ray of hope that I will go back 1 day. It's just difficult to find 1

@MissBlow This is the Greek mythology book I'm reading! There's not a whole lot of images but the art it has is so beautiful!

Finally platinumed Little Hope and you finally understand the story lol I used to think parts of it didn't makes sense and was pointless being there but after figuring it out it turns out every single thing was important to the story and the writers are so clever. Hope they keep the cheesiness for the next games though. Until Dawn and Little Hope is what all future dark pictures games should aspire to be

Bit of an update. My mom had her operation today to remove the tumour. She is out of theatre now and resting up. Just have to wait to see what the doctor says

So I watched Zack Snyder's Justice League and it is now my favourite DC movie! It just blew me away. Joss Whedons version shouldn't exist!!! I got 3 hours 30 mins in and was disappointed I only had 30 mins left. I wanted more! Really hope we can see the rest of Snyder's vision and get the sequels

Just finished watching Clue and it's such a great movie! Tim Curry AND Christopher Lloyd...what's not to enjoy? XD Would be a great movie for APT!!!

Been a rough month so I haven't really talked to many people much

After hearing about my cousin's getting covid I also got the unfortunate news of my mom being diagnosed with bladder cancer so it's been quite rough to say the least and with lockdowns being a thing I've not even been able to go and see her :(

Always been intrigued by the dark stories that were originally told by Brothers Grimm so thought I'd buy myself this and my god there's some creepy shit. The original story of Cinderella is crazy and now I want to buy the original story of Pinocchio which is meant be really dark

My 8 year old cousin also now been confirmed to have covid :(

Just found out my 13 year year old cousin and her mother have been tested positive for Covid :'( her mother seems to have the worst of it, my cousin doesn't have a lot of the main symptoms but still feels horrible. What's scary is she's always around her little sister who had the cancer scare I mentioned a while back and is due for an operation soon so is super vulnerable and her dad is always with my nan and grandad to help with shopping so everyone is panicking :'(

Not sure what countries this is gonna be but Disney Plus will be adding so much more stuff next month here in UK from Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, and 20th Television including R Rated content!!! First things they have announced are How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, Black-ish, Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, Lost, 24, Atlanta, and The X-Files and they said more are gonna be announced in the next few weeks xD

Been so sick the past week unable to get out of bed and now feel heartbroken.

Got to know someone over the last 4 months, became really close. Were great friends and seemed like a chance something more could happen once we met up. Yesterday was great then I wake up today and find shes deleted me on every single social media. My number been blocked too :( it takes a lot for me to trust someone. Would love to meet someone special, be happy, get a cat but I'm constantly getting hurt it feels like

Merry Christmas again everyone. Hope you all had a great day. My sister got me this!!!!! A signed copy of the script!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! With how shitty 2020 has been, thank you all for being such an amazing community and to Fraser & Becky for always being able to put a smile on my face with every stream!!!

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