Just saw this chart about overwatch survivability and i was really interested.

High bar means high survivability (loads of health and tiny hit box). Low bar means low health and huge hit box. Blue bar is body and orange is head.

Yay from 27th september netflix will be streaming south park xD maybe 1 day we will see this on apt xD south park on the show would be so much fun @FarFromSubtle @MissBlow

Finally gotten back into witcher 3 despite getting launch day and i love this game but still goes to show it benefits to wait for games and not to buy immediatly. It was amazing when it came out but over time not only did we get a goty edition with all dlc but we got ps4 pro hdr support and the menus are so much better and easier to navigate. Didnt realise how much better it is now until i started to rewatch frashs stream of it xD

watching the chef show with jon favreau. Such a good actor and director and it suprised me tonsee hes a good chef now too xD they get great guests on too!!! Seth Rogen in the current episode:)

Wow Trey Parker and Matt Stone campaigned themselves to get South Park cancelled and they still failed xD South Park will be on for 3 more seasons confirmed by comedy central xD

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle also just looked it up and untitled goose game is out september 20th on switch

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle just catching up on the beginning part of show and trailer and just thought id let you know matt berry is not jn the what we do in the shadows movie. He is only in the tv show

Omg delicious!!! Thought id randomly make some peanut butter cookies!!! So good. Crispy and chewy and goes well with a nice strong cup of coffee :P

RIP Robert Axelrod. Died age 70. He was the guy who voiced Lord Zedd in Power Rangers.

Remember an old stream where we talked about our dreams so thought id share. I had a really really weird dream last night!!!

I was in bed and suddenly little tiny people covered in black goo started crawling up my bed and down from the ceiling!! Weirded me out so much i had to go to the front room and sleep on the sofa for a little bit :o

Yep random hahaha

If anyone has any movie or game trailers i can add them to the show and trailer playlist :)

This week is pretty good for games. Co trol, Man of Medan and Blair Witch.....i just wish blair witch wzs on ps4. Maybe 1 day

Ps Plus games announced for September. Batman Akham knight and Darksiders 3. Still in the middle of playing the 1st darksidersnand the 2nd was free 2 years ago so will now have the whole trilogy lol

Wow telltale games has been purchaced by LCG Entertainment and now own the rights to Wolf Among Us and Batman!!! Theres still hope for sequels now

Star Wars Battlefront 2 and No mans sky are so different to when first released. It just proves any game can be saved. Both a lot of fun now.

Perfect time for frash to try sw and its story mode since he never had to suffer the loot box controversy? Lol


Breaking news - Matrix 4 officially a go with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning

Gamescom Opening Night Live xD

Monday 19th August 2019 at 8pm CEST

North America: 11am PDT / 12pm MDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT

UK/Ire: 7pm BST

Europe: 8pm CEST / 9pm EEST

Asia/Oceania: 3am JST / 2am AWST / 4am AEST

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