Had my first driving lesson today xD went better than I thought it would. He said he might teach me 2nd gear but I ended up driving 30mph on 3rd gear xD info was overwhelming but can't wait for my next lesson! XD

Finally had a day off today and things have been good.

I know it's late at 32 but I finally decided to get my provisional driving licence and learn to drive. It came today and so excited to start learning. I also went to the bingo for my sister's birthday because she wanted to go and ended up winning £200 xD who knew bingo could get tense!!!!!

So I started some chemotherapy tablets a couple of weeks ago due to an issue with my blood & skin and I have felt so rough since. Mainly the day after i take them I am constantly being sick and I have a really bad cough, cold, sore throat. Think they will just take some getting used to though

Just made this and it is so tasty! Smashed avocado on toast, hummus, bacon, halloumi and rocket :P

So things are looking up after a rough year. I went for a job interview yesterday for a new coffee lounge opening and I got a full time position!!!! Even better the other people who applied and got the jobs are people I've worked with before so now I'm super happy and excited :)

So I thought South Park had been cancelled and now I've just seen that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have made a $900 million deal to make 6 more seasons and 14 new movies for Paramount Plus!!!

Been playing a lot of game pass since treating myself to a Xbox series S and it is a crazy good offer considering it costs £1 for the first 3 months lol

Something bad always seems to be happening the past year :( my sister has sadly gone missing. Obviously we are worried but we are more angry than anything because she has been incredibly selfish and left 2 kids at home. We knows she's safe because she keeps asking for money :(

On the plus side my little cousin finally managed to have her operation to have a lump in her arm removed and that was successful. She is just resting and my other cousin got married Friday which was such a nice day

Figured I'd treat myself to late birthday present :) my first Xbox since the original. A lot heavier than I thought it would be considering the size of it lol

Sorry for the late response. Been a rough few days but thank you for all the birthday messages guys. It really meant a lot. I love being part of such an awesome community :)

32 years old today and I’m mature enough to realize that I’m still a child. Happy birthday to myself. Still, a long way to go!

First time I met my best mate after 5 years. I had such a great time :)

Gone to Wales today and met my best friend who I've spoken to for 5 years and never met and it was such an amazing day. So happy. Plus she got me an early birthday present which is the artbook of ghost of Tsushima with more to come xD

So Friday I had my first vaccine shot and Saturday I felt great but Sunday comes and I felt like I had been hit by a train lol been asleep for the past 16 hours lol feel so rough but I know it's temporary so just have to get though it :)

Just had my first vaccine. Arm feels a bit heavy but that's it for now lol

Just booked in for my vaccine jab tomorrow it's like a roulette wheel as to if I'm gonna be sick or not lol

After 9 games I'm finally playing Kingdom Hearts 3. Such a great series and I feel like I understand the story pretty well. If you ever get into it, do NOT miss out a game. Your have to play it all the get the full story. I'll say though it is a lot easier to follow and understand the story than it is to explain it to someone else haha

Earlier than I expected. For me its gonna unlock 13th May at 1pm xD so excited to replay it

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