So i binge watched 4 seasons of lucifer in 4 not ashamed........just slightly obsessed with the show haha

@MissBlow and this is the art of tim burton book i got. Its such a beautiful book and ill try to post a few pics but there are over 1000 that he apparantly drew on napkins and random scraps of paper. Loads of concept for all his movies and a lot never used

@MissBlow This is the tim burton cookbook i mentioned and there are a lot of tasty looking food in there. They even have a ramen recipe in there :P

Now 31 years old but do birthdays really mean anything this year? Haha still in lockdown but I'll treat myself to pizza later xD

Goddamn it @grable thanks for convincing me. Hopefully i can put it down once lou2 is out haha

Omg this is super tasty. Really happy how it turned out.

Chicken Fajita Crunchwrap :P

For all those wanting to join in with Spiderman Into the Spiderverse APT, NowTV is giving a 1 week free trial for movies AND entertainment together. Not sure which countries have Nowtv but if your in uk it is available :)

Both scared and angry right now.

So my mom had to have an ambulance and the paramedics are sure she has coronavirus symptoms but due to rules will not take her to the hospital for another 7 days. She was already at high risk with heart problems and they still made her work

Not only that but my step brother is in danger since he lives with her and I found out he's stupidly been going to see my sister and her 2 young kids :(

@Flashpoint i watched it on netflix. I'm in the UK though so not sure where it's available.

I agree with the first being the best because it's fresh and new. I can't really say the 2nd and 3rd are better or worse because it's more of the same lol I like the story and the world. They are incredible but they are there to give context to the action scenes which are just as great in the 3rd. Great cast in this 1

happy we are getting a 4th and a TV show too xD and yes I heard about ghostrider too

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Watching John wick 3 finally and my god can we please watch these on apt xD

Last night was the first time playing werewolves within with the turbos and my god it was fun yet I'm still very confused 🤣 tip for you all - I can't lie 🤣🤣🤣

Hope everyone is keeping safe wherever you are. UK is looking to become the worst country in Europe to be affected :( so looks like our lockdown will be extended :( it's very difficult but better to be bored than sick

So many years of owning a PS4 and I only just found out you can switch off the controller just by holding the ps button down for 10 seconds!!!! Mind blown

So Sony have official unveiled the ps5 controller called the dualsense. Does this mean the ps5 will be white too?

Learning to draw will in isolation and think it's going quite well :)

My friend pedro came out today on ps4 so trying to decide between that and greedfall since its on sale lol

Such a horrible day. Have to self isolate for 2 weeks because ive started getting symptoms and was also told today that ive lost my job due to budget cuts :'(

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