Might be fun to check out some of the disney live action stuff

Maybe check out beauty and the beast and aladdin

I am in a group whatsapp with the rest of my colleagues from work and i was so tired yesterday i fell asleep on my phone and accidently created a hour voice note of me snoring. It was deleted as quickly as possible haha

Santa with muscles
Jack frost

Yeah i felt the need to throw in some bad movies too haha

Muppet christmas carol!!!

I thought we had seen this but apparantly not!!

Just a quick poll

What would you like to watch first on apt?

I have to admit im intrigued by the direction of the batman movie

Batman : Robert
Catwoman : Zoë Kravitz
Riddler : Paul Dano

@MissBlow finally able to catch up on the minecraft show and not sure if you remember but in a past ps4 update japan got the ability to swap O and X for confirm in the ps4 settings :)

Am really dissapointed Doom is delayed until March but i can understand delays if it makes the games better :)

In a pretty good mood, had a job interview for a restaurant inside a store called debenhams and was hired on the spot xD start in 2 weeks!!!

Im so excited for the huge dc crossover event this year! As a dc fan Crisis on infinite earths to me is bigger than avengers endgame xD plus we got kevin conroy as bruce wayne, brandon routh returning as superman and tom welling returning as another clark kent with so many more cameos xD

Even if you dont watch the shows i think this is THE event for comic fans xD i personally believe crisis was THE biggest storyline in comics xD

Ps now is actually a decent price now since its now discounted AND you can play stuff like god of war for a limited time. Might actually consider buying this. Can stream about 800 games and download 300 to ps4 xD

Just heard Shawn Layden is leaving Playstation. They didnt even give a reason.

Wow just watched the season 4 finale to the magicians and im in tears. It is such a great series!!!

Just saw this chart about overwatch survivability and i was really interested.

High bar means high survivability (loads of health and tiny hit box). Low bar means low health and huge hit box. Blue bar is body and orange is head.

Yay from 27th september netflix will be streaming south park xD maybe 1 day we will see this on apt xD south park on the show would be so much fun @FarFromSubtle @MissBlow

Finally gotten back into witcher 3 despite getting launch day and i love this game but still goes to show it benefits to wait for games and not to buy immediatly. It was amazing when it came out but over time not only did we get a goty edition with all dlc but we got ps4 pro hdr support and the menus are so much better and easier to navigate. Didnt realise how much better it is now until i started to rewatch frashs stream of it xD

watching the chef show with jon favreau. Such a good actor and director and it suprised me tonsee hes a good chef now too xD they get great guests on too!!! Seth Rogen in the current episode:)

Wow Trey Parker and Matt Stone campaigned themselves to get South Park cancelled and they still failed xD South Park will be on for 3 more seasons confirmed by comedy central xD

@MissBlow @FarFromSubtle also just looked it up and untitled goose game is out september 20th on switch

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