I love the manager. She has been trying very hard to keep me by constantly extending my contract. Working hard pays off. All the shifts i covered. I became star if the week. Im apparantly the most requested person to be kept :)

The chances of my job becoming permanent has increased!!! They were not allowed to give me a permanent job because of budget but 1 of the guys who works there will be going on a work trial for another job. Hope it goes well for him as i gently nudge him out of the door hahaha

Bioware are teasing something with the hashtag with the tweet showing the text intro from the og Mass Effect. Rumours right now are of a remaster of the Mass effect Trilogy. Maybe even just a Nintendo Switch port. A remaster may help the developer while a new game may be a risk that could work out but is a huge risk. What would you prefer??? Or should the franchise be left alone now??

I dont have types. I like who i like but If im ever lucky enough to find happiness, they do have to be into video games looking at how many hours i put in last year 馃槀馃槀 its not even a lot but to some people it would be haha

I love how the currency in Darwins Project is Ramen 馃槀馃槀馃槀 the simplest things make me smile haha

@FarFromSubtle Darwin Project came out today and its free. Custom games could be worthwile for the show if you decide to play it.

You can set 1 up, make yourself the director which makes you control the arena and match then you can toot a password for the custom game and 10 people can join you who will then fight each other lol

I think to be a director in games with randoms you have to be level 5 which does not seem too difficult to get to

Oh and it looks like you can get hats lol

Fine i cant deny it any longer!! Playstation will not be at E3 2020 confirmed and it is IGN's fault. Oh and ill throw blame towards @grable and @gamingkid1998 too 馃槀馃槀馃槀

It is looking more and more likely that Playstation is not going to be at E3 2020 again. They apparantly made a statement to gamesindustry.biz but until i hear from more places i wont 100% believe it

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow did you guys watch a christmas carol? I decided to watch it and have to say dont listen to reviews. Its good. Most people are saying they dont like it because its too different and dark but thats what i want!!! Its a new take on a story done so many times

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow Just a quick thank you to both of you for such a fun year with some amazing fun streams. Hope you enjoyed your christmas and enjoy the rest of the decade xD

Super happy going into a new decade knowing im part of such a great community :)

Love you all

My secret santa at a job ive been at for 3 months already knows me too well xD so excited to try this out

@FarFromSubtle @MissBlow were you able to get bbc iplayer sorted for a christmas carol? Its on tomorrow, monday and tuesday xD

Ive worked super hard and extra long over christmas. Offering to cover extra shifts, agreeing to stay longer and giving up days off so i figured why shouldnt i treat myself to a switch finally :)

Just saw that on January 26th Media Molecule will have the first annual Impy Awards to celebrate creators and creations. Thats pretty awesome!!!

Might be fun to check out some of the disney live action stuff

Maybe check out beauty and the beast and aladdin

I am in a group whatsapp with the rest of my colleagues from work and i was so tired yesterday i fell asleep on my phone and accidently created a hour voice note of me snoring. It was deleted as quickly as possible haha

Santa with muscles
Jack frost

Yeah i felt the need to throw in some bad movies too haha

Muppet christmas carol!!!

I thought we had seen this but apparantly not!!

Just a quick poll

What would you like to watch first on apt?

I have to admit im intrigued by the direction of the batman movie

Batman : Robert
Catwoman : Zo毛 Kravitz
Riddler : Paul Dano

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