Something bad always seems to be happening the past year :( my sister has sadly gone missing. Obviously we are worried but we are more angry than anything because she has been incredibly selfish and left 2 kids at home. We knows she's safe because she keeps asking for money :(

On the plus side my little cousin finally managed to have her operation to have a lump in her arm removed and that was successful. She is just resting and my other cousin got married Friday which was such a nice day

@Kaptainawesome89 sounds like a lot to deal with. Sorry to hear that. Hope your sis can get the help she needs and give you some peace of mind

@Kaptainawesome89 I've been thinking about you and your family lately. I hope you've found your sister and that she is able to get help.

@MissBlow that means a lot thank you. She is back home now but it has been a very rough week for her 2 kids :( of course we are all glad she's back home but we are all pretty frustrated because of the kids and her reasons

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