It was a great surprise yesterday when my last tiny band member was delivered!
Doll chateau likes to add extra arm and leg joints to their sculpts, but they're easy enough to remove. The default eyes she came with are rather large, so i'll need to get or make a pair with smaller irises/pupils.
I also have the larger version of the same sculpt, which was my first doll!

So far: 1686 for tank and 1747 for support for the roll queue beta. Considering my last season placed me around 1700, not bad. If i played more, i'm sure i could bump those numbers up some.
I'm planning on doing my dps placements (most likely with some random comp matches afterwards) tomorrow 🤞🤞🤞

...scratch that, forgot i was seeing hobbes & shaw with the sister tonight. Will do placements tomorrow ^^"

Brought these guys to resin rose today. The kikipop in the last photo is holding my tickets for the closing ceremonies raffle. Unfortunately i didn't win anything, but i still loved going 🥰

I'm at a bjd convention called resin rose yesterday, today and tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun!

just finished the main story for dragon quest builders 2--i loved the story so much! it's quirky, cute and i became very attached to all the characters. there's still so much to build and create though, so i'm definitely not done with the game.

Her actual face is complete! Next up is making itty bitty doll clothes.

She is.... complete

(Jk i'm starting the real faceup now haha)

Still need to cut and style, but the wig is made! I think it turned out well for my first attempt at this style. I also painted her nails while i was painting the wig cap.

Yay! She got here yesterday, now the fun can begin. I'm working on her wig tonight, and i'll do her faceup and clothes probably this weekend? I want to attempt a sidecut for her hair 'cuz i think it'll look cool.

She likes laying in the corner... maybe it's a bit darker than the rest of the room?

Got the outer kimono done! Still gotta do the obi, the inner layer and then paint on the flowers, but good progress!

On a better note, today i'm prying myself away from dqb2 to make a kimono for one of my other bjd. I'm gonna try my hand at painting on some flowers too. If it works out as planned it'll be really cute.

A bjd i ordered was shipped on the 5th, and i still havent received it. It was stuck in customs for 2 weeks and i was hoping it would be out for delivery today, but that's not happening. Pls usps give me the smol doll.

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It's pretty much 10 years ago I drew this final fantasy VI / III Terra fan art.
I also maybe should replay the game again sometime, been some years since last time I played it.

Incredibly snuggly boy (but only when HE decides)

After work, I was standing just right in a little alcove waiting for the bus that when the wind blew, my hair did the miyazaki hair raise thing.

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