If you like rhythm games, i can't recommend gitarooman enough. The art style is fantastic, the music is great and it has so much of that ps2 era charm. The gameplay is similar to the green heart segments of undyne's battle in undertale, but with a few more gimmicks.

while watching hamilton for apt i couldn't get 100% into the songs (something about the mixing or maybe my intense concentration on 50 things at once), but they slowly got stuck in my head and now they're on repeat all day.

I still think about this game grumps episode frequently youtu.be/qGkGhJKXBSs

Made a high-low skirt and some socks for the new girl. It's supposed to be reversible, but i fudged the back seam, so it isn't... i don't plan on switching it inside-out though, so not the biggest deal ^^

It has an automatic thread cutter! Lots of fancy stitches (including an alphabet i don't need but goshdarnit i'll find a use for) and so many other little things my baby machine didn't have

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Sooooo i ended up springing for a pretty fancy machine (but not uncomfortably outside my budget). it wasn't the one i was gunning for (a janome 6100), but that one wasn't in stock and this one is also by janome and had more features for the same price. Def gonna get a lot of use out of it, and now i can make fancy embellishments on outfits i make!

i love that "corgi(s) in a mech" is a trope in some video games nowadays

So cotton candy grapes exist. They actually have an over-taste and smell of cotton candy (or just, y'know, sugar), which is strange, but i can see it enticing kids to have more fruit?

since fraser's been into ai generated content lately, here's another streamer, vinny, looking at some face detection/replacement ai for everyone's enjoyment youtu.be/PHnj20AMoB8

if anyone feels ff7 remake's voice acting is bad, just imagine if it was the trials of mana voice acting.... youtu.be/_hP1ko-kA3I

April went by super fast, but may feels like it's taking forever

👁 bee got a treat of whipped cream the other day. Needless to say, i think she was satisfied.

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I'll be hosting PUGs today at 7 EST/4 PST (just under 4 hours from this post). Come by for some fun Overwatch times

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