Tried to play mario party with some turbo buddies now that it's online and i don't recommend it. 2/2 games were ended due to connection error. nintendo, get your shiz together

Woah, finally got to be one of those people who accidentally gets a game delivered early, and what a game to get early!

trying to get into ffxiv with the free demo on the ps4. do any of y'all turbos play, and if so is there a server/world where turbos tend to gather?

I got ring fit for christmas and i started it in earnest recently because i've been a potato all quarantine. It makes it pretty easy to stick with it, which is great because i'm bad at making exercise a habit. I also find i've been looking for more excuses to go outside on short walks.

One thing i've noticed while watching taiwanese dramas is just how obvious the sponsors/product placement is. Like, they'll drop everything for a closeup of the product and an ad read to the other character they're talking to then get right back along with the plot.

i know fraser ragged on it during the show and trailer, but i absolutely love tales of symphonia for it's stupidly anime plot. i live for this cheesy melodrama.

I somehow managed to kill my previous marimo (which if the internet is correct are simultaneuously hard to kill and extremely delicate 😅), but it turns out they're pretty popular right now and you can even find them at big pet stores so i got some new (and significantly bigger) ones. I'm gonna be a better plant parent, i promise!

been watching a taiwanese show called "on children" on netflix. it's kinda like black mirror in format/premise, but more of a criticism/commentary on the expectations placed on students by their parents (rather than "tech bad"). my favorite episodes so far have been "the last day of molly" and "peacock" but uh. be warned, it really doesn't pull any punches with the topics so if you have a hard time with suicide, self harm, abusive families, etc. be careful going into this one.

Apparently i never followed up on my last wig shenanigans. This is how it turned out! (A head i ordered some time ago just shipped as well, so there will be more wig shenanigans soon)

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Kizuna is now sufficiently crimbus-y! Most of the outfit was cobbled together from things i already had, but i felt like she needed a cloak/capelet thing to tie it together 💖

Well i binged the whole thing last night, and while there are Emotions(tm) it's mostly goofy and cute. Also all of that sweet, nostalgic ff music. Would definitely recommend.

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i'm only on the first episode, so i can't say much about the entire show yet, but "father of light" on netflix is very cute. it's about a father and son bonding over final fantasy

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