i finally got around to getting the pokemon swsh dlc... i didn't realize how much i liked shinx until i saw one on the isle or armor and practically screamed in excitement. i love that little lion....

Cute little placemat that came with a japanese mini gummy candy kit i got earlier. Now you can learn some sea critter names!

youtu.be/bJu6plX5xLQ?t=87 @Bonefoot it was a little surreal seeing your moomin house promoted in this video!

a smort kitty (since it was brought up in chat just now) youtu.be/YeDZ2S3g4Nk

D'aww, thanks for all the bday wishes y'all 💖💖💖💖

Working on the jointed knee segments next, trying to figure out how to go about it. The best way i can think of to preserve the mobility is to use string/ribbon underneath and add the rivets on top as superficial details. This was just a demo with a few dots of hot glue. Once i get the shapes more developed and glue the length of the ribbon, the distance between pieces when curved should be a bit less extreme. I'm also going to echo this technique on the gauntlets when i get there.

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Comparison of where she's at vs. The concept art i'm basing all of this on

i forget what triggered it, but i remembered that home waifu hologram commercial from a few years ago, and apparently it's been released. now you, too, can have a mail-order waifu of your own for the low cost of 15,000 yen (or so)

Progress on the worbla armor! The inner seams of the greaves are hinged with fabric, and the outside seams are unfinished (hence the tape). Gotta do the rest of the knee cover bits, and then i can move on to the arm gauntlet things! Once it's all done, i'll paint it all and add the fastenings etc. I may need to get another sheet of worbla though because this one's getting pretty low ^^"

I'm watching a streamer play the crystal chronicles remake and it's such a mess... also apparently it's available on mobile and has crossplay?

Got some worbla recently so i can finally work on alisha's armor. So far, i've made the shoes 😄 the other photos are just for fun because i thought these two had similar vibes in their current outfits.

Moar faces for the doll gods 🤩
It was fun trying out a more anime-ish style for the dark blue haired girl. The freckled one just needed a tweak because i messed up her lips last time i painted her and they were bothering me.

Admittedly it still looks pretty cool, but it was supposed to sit like the blue one

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I was doing so well assembling a cool cloak thing for one of my dolls but then i sewed the collar on wrong (and finished it!) and i want to scream

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