A face! I plan on redoing it soon, but now she isn't blank, at least. I'm leaning hard into the goth vampire look for her haha

New girl! I shouldn't buy any more at this point because i'm running out of space in my room lol can't wait to paint her face

Bullying the short kid (jk, but alisha is very short compared to my other dolls in this scale)

As a bonus: look how shredded the sculptor made her. Like wow she's got a 6-pack πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

Along with my little foxy friend, this (yet unnamed) girl also arrived recently. I tried some different techniques with this one, and overall i like the results. πŸ’–

She looks so sleepy, but i also love how she turned out (the one on the left is not customized, she's the stock tokidoki x hello kitty release pullip, which i also love)

Yay! My artist cast bjd arrived today! The artist on ig is @shecow and i've been watching her sculpt kit for 2 years. I'm so happy i'm able to have my own now πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

We'll call these "deep in the giant's forest"
I wanted to take some more photos with her for a while and i finally just made some time and went to the foresty area behind my apartment complex yesterday. πŸ˜„

Spent the afternoon and evening clearing some of the battle tower stuff and suprise trading a bunch of pokemon. I want to see how much of my 'dex i can fill out just with trades--also some people have been very generous with the pokemon they give (super good ivs and stuff). I'm still baby with serious pokemon training because it always seemed so confusing, but i want to give it a try this gen.

I like a lot of video game soundtracks, but i think pokemon sword/shield, tales of zestiria and final fantasy crystal chronicles have soundtracks that complement each other well (mostly folky music with some grand elements and some more modern stuff thrown in)

i'm really enjoying pokemon sword/shield. all the characters have a ton of personality and i actually care about a lot of them. also the music is fantastic.

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