Bully 2 is trending... is the day of promise finally upon us?

Smash Ultimate is adding online tournament mode. Wonder if you can decide who gets to be in each bracket, or if it's just completely random. Would be cool to have an Ultimate tournament with all TURBOS!

Well until I figure all this newfangled tootin technology out, I wanted to share my Let's Play of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, that just got finished up! This is a fully voice acted Let's Play with over 40 guest voice actors (including a bunch of TURBOS) that's presented as a cinematic experience, rather than a video game walkthrough. I hope you enjoy, if you decide to watch! youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbH

So like... how does this site work? Is every single person on here specifically someone from the VGA community? Or are other people from the great unknown on this site as well? Also is there any way to make a tweet automatically replicated as a toot? If you know what I mean?

Also how do I access the APT archives now? I need to continue the Pokeman Marathon!

Finally set up the tooter! You all get to see my new icon, before anybody else! Fancy!


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