Alright. I feel like I'm starting the get the hang of strumming while playing my uke and guitalele. Feelin' good! Building up some good calluses on my fingers.

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PSA to all my friends, CLEAN OUT YOUR LINT TRAPS! Also cancel that subscription you forgot your paying for.


We've got creative peeps up in here. I've been thinking this would be a fun idea for years.

Take this series of squiggly lines and somehow make personal art out of it. After a couple days, post what you've come up with. It doesn't need to be amazing.

I'll combine them all into one document and we can see what kind of cool stuff peeps have come up with.

Make sure you use the hashtag and I'll number them like this as well .

You have until Sunday to submit! AND GO!

WHA?! Ya'll ever click on the mastodon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen on here?

I've just discovered the joy of clicking on people's photos here to see what their timeline photo is. It's like unwrapping a present each time!

@AnimatedPeanut Awe! I just saw that your timeline photo is of us! CUTE!

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Ya'll's toots going well? Stay fresh ;)

After trying to learn guitar on and off for 12 years, I'm now learning how to play the guitalele. I got it because it was cheap and beautiful at a second hand shop.
For some reason I didn't realize until NOW that what I'm having problems with is strumming. I know many chords, but fucked if I can strum! Wish me luck!

Also, drawing with two fingers on my Mac trackpad was incredibly difficult!

It's the start of a whole new era today in Japan!
So far this era has been rainy.

Do you drink coffee?

It's Golden Week right now in Japan. Ten days of vacation! But it's raining so much in Tokyo! I feel so bad for the bump and grind people who wanted a nice vacation with their family.

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Imma gonna toot all up in here. Just TRY and stop me!


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