Write out the alphabet (upper and lower case), and “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.
Write it out casually, with paper and pen/pencil. Don’t try to make it look neat or perfect!

I stole this super cool idea from @DumplingzOwO! I used to LOVE analyzing handwriting.

Ever since university, I find it difficult to write out the whole word "the" when in the middle of a sentence. I always do the T with the extra line in the middle.

@MissBlow I'll share mine here, too! It's funny that we both have odd things about writing the word "the". I love the way I write it.

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO writing ‘the’ in the beginning of sentences always looks weird to me lol

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO a lot of my letters change when combo’d in like a weird cursive way and my z is always cursive in print <.<

@MissBlow my handwriting is awful! But here's some numbers too since I'm at work :p

@MissBlow It always amazes me how legible most people's handwriting is! Mine has gotten better since I stopped working as a waitress, though

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO Here's my attempt. Had to dig around for some physical paper and a pen that worked. XD

@StarKitsune It's fun to see sibling's writing. I might have to try and get my family in on this action too!

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO this isnt how they taught me in school. But a mix between styles. Second pic is an attempt at the cursive they taught me. Couldn’t remember the capital t and think I did the b wrong.

@MissBlow I saved all of them. The first book is just letters.

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO I use print and cursive interchangeably so I did both (my writing surface was a lil bumpy so that’s why some of my lines wiggle)😭

@MissBlow @DumplingzOwO here's my writing, I had some trouble with my pen but I think you can still tell how bad my writing is😆​

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