Just cleared our e-mail inbox from 17,000 unread e-mails to 1,400! Now to pare back more. Feels actually manageable now!

@MissBlow this is giving me anxiety. and it's not even my inbox.

@MissBlow I have 48,265 emails, however I feel bad for you because you actually have to read a lot of yours.

@MissBlow yeah, too many subscriptions that I can't remember ever making and don't know why I would ever make.

@ajwithnoname Oh no! You're in too deep now too eh? The only way to climb out is to start over with a new e-mail! (If you even cared.)

@ajwithnoname Like... what the hell is Video... Games... Awesome anyways? Pfft. And TURBO Toot? That's clearly spam.

@MissBlow hahaha, yeah. I could start a new email, but I don't care (with one big caveat being that it gets fucking annoying to have to sift through a bunch of useless shit to get to something I actually want to look at, whether I wanted to look at something video games awesome related, or a PayPal receipt.

@MissBlow emails always seem to back up though for me it mostly spam

@MissBlow Oh my god. That sounds like such a scary task lol, I hope 90% of it was junk you could immediately throw out

@HeyItsLollie It honestly was. It went all the way back to 2011. The 1,400 left are things I actually have to kind of think about. :S

@MissBlow pro tip. Just use the mark as read function and pretend all is right with the world.

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