Time for another TURBO Art Challenge!

You have until Monday, August 12 to make THIS into a beautiful drawing.

I just know you will come up with the most wholesome, peaceful drawings.

@MissBlow not gunna lie. The first thing that came to mind was oppai!

@MissBlow I could not sleep, and then I saw this, got a idea right away, so here:
(Could maybe have done more, might submit another one later)

😮​ 😠​ 👻 ​ ☠️​

@MissBlow enjoy my wholesome girl, I spent around 10 minutes on this baby!

@awwbree This is the greatest elephant I've seen ALL day!

@mellisbaker Daaaaaaamn dude! Love it! I hope they get that sneaky mouse.

@MissBlow Not very good with the art stuff but here is my entry lol

@Y2kraykray I LOVE THIS! Oh man. It's so old school Simpsons!

@MissBlow I am NO artist just fooling around on my ipad

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