Suuuuuper weird question, but does anyone remember an episode where we eat edamame? Off the top of their head? Don't go searching for it.
I feel like maybe it was a Dreams stream?

@MissBlow all i remember was the invisible soybeans from the green screen :P
If that was a dreams show, I only caught the very first one

@dissy Right?! That's, like, almost all I remember too! At first I thought it was Red Dead for some reason... but I looked through a bunch of those videos and no invisible edamame! So then I started thinking it was Dreams... then I got tired of looking and asked here. Heh.

@MissBlow RDR2 could be. If I remember it, that would rule out hearthstone and overwatch.

Was it the startrek APT by chance?

@dissy Hmmm, good thinking. But doesn't look like it was Star Trek.

@MissBlow doh, I'm totally at a loss then.

I just ran a transcript search on the last 2-ish months of youtube uploads. no 'soy', only 'bean' results are RDR2 and 'green' shows up but nothing close to relevant.
(not that youtubes auto transcripts are all that great)

guess you'll need to do it the long way and watch through them ;P

@MissBlow I remember when you brought some to Fraser during a Hearthstone show.

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