For September's AWESOME! Piece Theatre, we are thinking about doing a couple scary movies! What would you guys recommend?

I know quite a few peeps haven't seen The Shining, that one could be fun. What else you thinkin?

@MissBlow Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not really scary but it’s horror themed so it works.

@Linobro @MissBlow we aint watched it on apt lol just been looking at the list


Nightmare on elm street
Halloween (2018 version is a direct sequel to original)
What we do in the shadows (tv show version and not scary but its matt berry!!!!)
The babadook

@MissBlow id also still love to see stuff like beetlejuice, edward scissorhands, the corpse bride, sweeney todd......yeah i love tim burton, he is a very halloweeny person.....oh that reminds me frankenweenie too haha

maybe Evil Dead 2
I'm not sure it's important to actually watch the first one

@MissBlow might not be easy for people to find but i would recommend the The Shining 3 part tv series over the movie, as it more based on the book. plus it was directed by Stephen king himself

@ShaneO @MissBlow As someone who grew up with this version of The's not great. 😅

@Vanquish123 @MissBlow come to think of it, it didnt really age well. but i will say that the actor who play Jack fit the role better the what jack nicholson did, but then again he did have around 6 hours more screen time to develop the character

@MissBlow The new IT (2017) could be an interesting watch.

Also, The Shining would be great.

@BlueDeadpool they watched IT (2017) last year! It’s in the archives

@MissBlow Halloween 3: Season of the witch! It’s like the best movie to get into the Halloween mood (and has nothing to do with Michael Meyers lmao)! I’m also seconding what we do in the shadows!

@lore 54 more days till Halloween Halloween Halloween, 54 more days till Halloween Silver Shamrock.

@MissBlow Alien would be great! I also wouln't mind The Thing.

@MissBlow How about Blair Witch Project? Came out 20 years ago and you got the new game that came out but it's only on PC and Xbox One currently so not sure if you guys could do a first look on it...

@MissBlow Also going to throw out "It Follows" really good recent horror movie.

@MissBlow And if you guys watched "The Worst Witch" (1986) my life would be complete! 😂​

The Shining
A Quiet Place
Jordan Peele's: Get Out
Jordan Peele's: Us

@MissBlow More of a horror/comedy, but how about Evil Dead 2? It stands on it's own so you don't have to worry about the first one.

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