Thanks for all your stories today! Your horrific childhood memories make for the best birthday cheer! :P

@MissBlow happy birthday!! Looks like I'm late to the party. Haven't watched the stream, but I'm guessing we're sharing most memorable birthday stories?
I've never liked organising birthday parties, so most aren't very memorable. The summer I turned 18 I went camping with high school friends for the first time. My friend made "stuiterballen", a mix of blue curacao and sambuca. First time I ever got drunk.My friend threw a cake, I threw water, other friend gave a funny speech, I fell off my chair

@MissBlow at some point my friends decided I should go to bed. But they still had a sleepingbag race to do. I wanted to join too, so I crawled out of my tent in my sleeping bag, tripped over one of the wires. Got back up, tried to join the race, immediately fell over, got hurt and retreated in my tent 😅 never got that drunk in my life ever again.

@MissBlow I hope you had a great birthday! :underheart:​ wish i could have been there to share a story, but i was to sleepy and i couldn't stay up

@MissBlow a very Happy Birthday! So sad to have missed the stream last night but can’t wait to catch up on it! I hope Fraser took you out for a hearty bowl of ramen!

@MissBlow sorry my traumatizing childhood Dentist story hit so hard with y'all, can only look back and laugh at how it ended and how my dad reacted.

Definitely is the reason today i ask dentists to add dbl the freezing no matter the procedure🥴

Still, that was a hell of a reaction...oops 🤣 was a fun birthday show though indeed.
Glad ya had an awesome Bday wknd celebration also 🎉

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