Hey buds!
I'm adding Switch friends who put their friend codes either here or on the official VGA Discord, since we'll be doing an AC:NH show at some point where we invite peeps to Blokyo!
I've already added anyone who has put their codes up on Toot over the last few days.

@ANuclearError Friendship requested! Hahaha, oh my god! I LOVE YOUR MII!

@MissBlow It's a good representation of me I feel, especially now I'm in lockdown. The look of someone well and truly fed up with this shit.

@hylian17 Friendship requested! Your friend code was fun to type.

@MissBlow heres my code but still habe to wait to buy ACNH :(


@MissBlow here’s mine! I got a few things you might like! 8474-1199-5307

@MissBlow you’re the best!! I’m so excited to send you stuff!! Also thank you 🥺♪★♥

@MissBlow friend code: sw-1641-0928-3991

Anyone feel free to add!

@MissBlow <3 Don't if I'll make it to a show but I'd still love to play anytime. 😊​

@MissBlow I already sent a friend request but in case you didn't recognize it (my Patreon has a different name "Pixels_Plays"), my friend code is SW-0868-4426-2496.

@MissBlow I'm pretty late to the game, but here's my code -SW-2055-2899-4694

@Skelunkafunk Friendship requested! Your Mii totally looks like your picture on here!

@DeviousxKat Friendship requested! You have a strong personal brand going, heh.

@MissBlow thanks Becky!!! hopefully I can keep it goin strong :D

@MissBlow wish I had remembered before the show but here’s mine!


@MissBlow Here. Any other turbos feel free to add 😊 SW-1162-7191-0062

@MissBlow My code be 3560-8936-1019 <3 Ignore my already 100 hours on Animal Crossing hehe

@RedFoxCorky Correction: 115 HOURS! Haha. Friendship requested!

@MissBlow My FC is SW-4695-3907-5195. I tried to add most people but if there's anyone I missed feel free to add me. :)

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