Made some tasty bread during today’s stream!
Dig in buds!

@MissBlow damn that is some well made bread Bec!
Like a pic straight out of a food magazine, now how long it lasts before it's all eaten by Fraser will be the ultimate test no doubt lol

@Flashpoint Haha. He doesn't like my bread! I'm the bad one. We actually made it into some freaking delicious garlic bread tonight to go with our spaghetti! (Which Fraser happily did eat.)

@MissBlow oh looks really nice and tasty! I started making sourdough bread about every weekend since last summer and have gone from making a brick to a really lovely, crusty airy and tasty boule. I can't help but test different setups with it, it's so fun!

@Danneman Oh dude! That sounds amazing! Good for you :D

@MissBlow that’s a nice looking bread! I made bananabread today 😋

@Trancilian @MissBlow But why did you stick those twigs into it? Are they birthday twigs?

@dissy @MissBlow haha silly you, everybody knows that when you make bananabread you need to plant new bananatrees

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