Name a song you've been into lately, then tag a TURBO to see what they've been listening to!

I'm currently obsessed with Sunflower by Post Malone, Swae Lee (from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

You're up @gamingkid1998 and @MissFable!

@MissBlow @MissFable

I actually watched the movie 8 Mile for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot so I listened to Lose Yourself more and more recently (I’ve listened to it before the movie though)

Also, little bonus for Becky. Music video for Goodbyes from Post Malone

I tag @grable @Kaptainawesome89 @Coolnara @Cookiesaber892 @RadLaddy @TheMinett and anyone else interested!

@gamingkid1998 @MissBlow fun idea!

Been listening to Declan McKennas new song ‘The Key to Life On Earth’

It’s a great tune and the video is pretty cool!

Fun fact: it has been an ongoing joke that Declan looks like Alex Lawther (the other actor in the video) so Declan brought him in to do this video as his ‘doppelgänger’ to fuel the meme.

@TheMinett @MissBlow @Animelover6802 I've been listening to a lot of Beetlejuice: The Musical, The Musical, The Musical. Here's one of my favorites from it.

Tagging @Kazuki

@rth1089 @MissBlow my music taste is all over the board, but i've been into billie eilish and red vox lately.
a sampling of the two:

i'm gonna tag @dissy and @SytYoshi

@gamingkid1998 @MissBlow @MissFable @grable @Kaptainawesome89 @Cookiesaber892 @RadLaddy @TheMinett I always listen to show tunes. Been obsessed with “In the heights” lately. Especially the songs Breathe and Blackout.

@Coolnara Oh no, too much pressure!

Alt answer, I haven't been listening to much music lately. There seems to be some unknown and explainable problem with my sound mixer setup...

@Coolnara I listened to a bit of "In the Heights", but it just made me want to listen to Hamilton!

@MissBlow I know what you mean haha. I actually heard it before I heard Hamilton so maybe that helped :) I just got back to it recently because the movie is coming out

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