Getting ready to do a Beat Saber show shortly. Just setting up!


Fraser's just working through some hiccups right now. Will post when we are going live!

@MissBlow hiccup tip from someone who got them a lot. Lay down flat and stretch your stomach by raising it (arching your back) and sucking in your stomach at the same time. I found that it forces the diaphragm to relax. Works for me everytime

@MissBlow I also read that bending forward may help as well. This also relaxes the diaphragm. It’s not that random, since hiccups are spasms of the diaphragm. I think the distraction method (where someone asks you how your week was) works the same way. It makes you stop focussing on the hiccups, your body relaxes and so does the diaphragm. I had hiccups often due to allergies, sometimes very painful and long lasting, until I discovered that trick.

@Trancilian Haha, what I thought was random was the fact that you were sharing this information with me out of the blue. ;)

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