Just in case any of you want to eat the Japanese Ketchup Pasta dish we were talking about during today's show.

I present: Ketchup Spaghetti (Napolitan) ナポリタン

(For the record, Fraser and I have NEVER tried it. Perhaps some day... but it seems so unappetizing.)

@MissBlow i always used to add ketchup to my pasta after cooking. But then we used to add ketchup and applesauce to every dish. Makes it nice and sweet. These days I still occasionally add a little bit of ketchup (the one that contains the least amount of added sugar). My favourite is just a can of tomato pulp with a few shavings of orange and basil to make it sweet.

@MissBlow Ive probably DEFINITELY had this one time or another, since growing up in Asia a good half of the pseudo-italian places would think tomato sauce=ketchup. I mean, its not as gross as it seems? the ketchup is a kick in the face but all the other flavors tone it down.

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